What to do at Île à Vache

Among the numerous sites to visit in Haïti, The virgin island of Île a Vache has to be one of the top 10. Île à Vache is located on the Southern Coast of Haïti and can be accessed by taking a boat from Les Cayes.The island offers 2 hotels services Port-Morgan and Abakay Bay Resort. While Port-Morgan offers a spectacular view on the ocean from the pool-jacuzzi, it only has a little corner of water between rocks as a beach. Abaka Bay on the other hand, is THE PLACE to visit if you are a beach bum. Even if you are not a travel lover, you must have heard about the beach in Haiti that made it to CNN’s World’s 100 best beaches report in 2013! I’ve had the chance to visit it 3 times. Once in summer 2011, another time in summer 2012 and recently in December 2014. So far, Abaka Bay also figures on my personal list of top 3 beaches! Yes it competes with Thailand. Abaka Bay doesn’t offer the majestic view of long tail boats and rock formations but the white sand is unbeatable, plus the water is so light blue and warm that you honestly feel like you landed in paradise.


Since 2011, many efforts were made in Haïti to attract tourism and bring back attention to this corner of paradise of the Caribbean that has been neglected for so long because of many factors like insecurity, poor advertisement and more. Since then, the migration towards Haïti has significantly increased. More than 400,000 bookings in 2014 from Expedia reports. Expats, missionaries, tourists are all eager to explore the corners of our beautiful island. As a travel lover in love with my Haïti, I will share a short list of things to do in Île a Vaches. This will be a useful quick to do list if ever you get the chance to visit!

1- Boat tour around the island


Île-à-Vache is surrounded by several other small islands with clear water, white sand,  and unique aquatic species, such as Lovers’ Island, The fishermen island and others. Don’t hesitate to take a boat and discover the surroundings. You can also get down and walk around to take pictures or buy some fresh lobster.

2- Some water sports activity is always good!

Please don’t laugh at this time I tried to do water ski.

Determined to make it!
Determined to make it!
Not today...
Not today…

Port-Morgan offers a list of water activities like water skiing, kayaking and more

3- Enjoy the beach at Abaka Bay



4- For the most adventurous… Hike from Port-Morgan to Abaka Bay

It is possible to walk from Port-Morgan and cross the island to reach Abaka Bay. I’ve done it in 2011. It is a great experience! You will get to listen to stories the guide will tell you while exercising and reaching Abaka Bay will feel like finding an oasis in the middle of the desert! Worth it!!! You will be able to take a boat back to Port-Morgan if this is where you are staying.

5- Enjoy the jacuzzi at Port-Morgan

If you get the chance to do this at sunset, please do. The pool offers a spectacular view on the ocean. Plus at night, the jacuzzi is turned on and you get to watch the sun say goodbye while breathing some fresh air

Hope this little guide will help. I also know that many people are still debating whether Haïti is ‘safe’ or not, I found this forum where visitors have left their thoughts about the safety in Haïti and I think it would be useful to read if ever you have doubts. click on the link below:


Hope to see you in Haïti soon!


A travel lover


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