Fall in Montréal

As a picture lover, I have to say that fall was my favourite season to take pictures in Montréal. While summer is my all times favourite time of the year, I have to say that Fall is the most beautiful from a behind the camera perspective. As much as I am happy to be living in the caribbean again, I must admit that during the fall season, I wanted to jump on a plane and go to Montreal for a few days just to capture the colours. 

Fall is the season where everybody is enjoying the last taste of summer. It is time to put our thin coats, take out our umbrellas and sip some Starbucks or Tim Hortons coffee while walking to class. The cafes still give access to their terrasse and some days, you can wear your Ray Ban sunglasses. Many students are on their balconies smoking a cigaret or putting their bottles of wine or beer out in the trash. This is when I put my headphones on and listen to A Montreal by Grand Corps Malade. He sure described the city well!

Fall is just this season when I don’t walk fast to get home, I take the time to look, to capture and appreciate. And while we are approaching summer, I can’t help myself of thinking about the season that will follow… Maybe I should stop in Montreal…that will probably not happen since I am already going to Brazil in November but who knows what the future holds. For now, let me just write this and share some picture while I sip on some tea on my rooftop.








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