Thoughts from a rooftop…

Do you enjoy reading? I do! Since a young age, I have discovered this thirst I have for pages, seeing black and white on paper but putting together a world full of colors in my head. Reading stimulates the imagination. And by reading, you learn how to write. There are different ways to read or should I say different environments. Depending on your personality, you will enjoy different reading environments. While some people will think a librairy is perfect, some will prefer reading on the beach. I have recently (almost a year ago) discovered my love for rooftop and I have also reconnected with my inner bookworm recently. So at sunset, I go on my rooftop to read. Sometimes, I just close my book and stare. While you might imagine that my rooftop offers a view on mountains or the carribbean sea (I wish), it actually shows a bidonvil what brazilians would call a Favella. As a kid I thought it was such a waste of a view. Now that I am more wise (haha) and have eyes for simplicity, I took the time to watch.

Sitting on this rooftop, barefoot, a big cup of thé Melis in hand (the best tea ever) I am starting at this bidonvil. The houses are built one on top of the other and I wouldn’t want to see what would happen if one decided to crash… People on their own rooftops stare at me sometimes while my feet are dangling in the air, a good 20 meters above their ground. Some are reading, others are cleaning clothes, some are just chilin on some old chairs. They are living there reality. I can’t help myself from smiling as the breeze carresses my face. Ha the joy of the carribbean!

It gets darker and darker and the sun slowly says goodbye, leaving a pink sky behind. The moon starts shining. Ow what a view I have on full moons! What amazes me is when people in the bidonvil start turning their lights on. 1 little yellow square, then 2, then 3… Until the view is just a hundred little yellow squares in the middle of the darkness. Nothing can explain the feeling this brings me. If only I were a bird…. I would fly over the bidonvil. I would visit the little kids running in the coridors, I would say Hello to this lady drying the clothes, I would join the two young men talking, maybe I would find the discussion interesting, I would tell the baby to stop crying and I would know them better.

But I am not a bird. I am just a girl enjoying her tea and a good book, barefooted, on her rooftop…

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