A full day of adventure at MeKong River in Vietnam for $6 !

Vietnam has so much to offer in terms of adventures. There is always something to discover, a place to go, something to try. During our first stop in Saigon, we have been able to do so much! Our day trip at Mekong river is one of our adventures. Here is how we had a full day of fun for just $6 ! Continue reading “A full day of adventure at MeKong River in Vietnam for $6 !”

Private Motorbike Tour in Saigon – Vietnam

Saigon in Vietnam, also known as Ho Chi Minh is a busy and vibrant city in the south of Vietnam. Close to the Cambodian boarder, it welcomes many tourists all year long and is famous for the pivotal role it played in the Vietnam War

Among different activities, the private motorbike tour is a great way to discover the city and have a local experience. The tour was great especially because it felt so private. I felt like 2 friends were taking us on a ride to know more about their city. It was very personal and allowed us feel like locals. Through my Instagram page, a girl who was also traveling in Asia saw that I was in Saigon. She kindly reached out to me and gave me the contact info of this guy living in the city who offered night tours. I sent him an email and negotiated for a day tour. He answered quickly and soon enough, we were set for the next day!

We got picked up at twelve by Han Phan and his colleague on 2 different motorbikes. We jumped on and it was time for the adventure to start.Han Phan explained that he works in marketing and that taking tourists around the city was his part time job.

Traveling on motorbikes was so much fun! Busy Ho chi Minh city has never seemed so vibrant. The noises, the chaos, the heat, they all combined perfectly to create the scenery we could witness so well on the back of these motorbikes.

Our first stop was the Notre Dame Cathedral next tot he post office. Our guide told us about the history, the french occupation, Ho chi Minh’s reign and answered our questions. We could not go inside the cathedral but staying outside was just good. We could see the similarities with the Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris. Inside the post office, souvenirs are quite expensive. This is due to the fact that it is a touristic site. I advise not to shop there but simply walk around and listen to the guide’s explanations.

Next stop was a pagoda where we learned about the local’s traditions and beliefs.

Then we were dropped at a flower shop street. Many shops were next to each other and we could see different types of flowers. Of course I had to snap a picture of my favorites

They then drove us to the China Town where we had some good tea in the streets and visited a local shop. Tea was naturally sweetened with honey and made my stomach, who was a little upset in the morning, feel much better.

Then it was time for some lunch. It was hard to decide what we wanted. But a friend of mine told me that I absolutely needed to try the Pho Vietnamese Noodle soup. Our drivers took us to a small local place and it was simply perfect! Only locals were sitting eating their soup, which is a proof that the place is authentic, good and cheap! The soup was delicious! It was my first time having it and I am glad this first was with the real deal.

We then stopped on the sidewalk for dumplings. The place was just opening as we arrived so dumplings were fresh! I am not a crazy dumpling fan so about 3-4 were enough for me.

 After a 20 minute ride to an area where we saw the city council, some fancy shops and restaurants. We ended the tour and  got dropped of at the hotel.

If you are in Saigon or planing on going to Saigon, contact Han Phan  (on the right) for a great experience: p.huyhan@gmail.com

He is professional, with a good dose of laidback and freindly. I

The tour lasts about 3-4 hours and you won’t regret it. If you do, do not hesitate to share picture with me!I am available for any further information.


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Experiencing the Art Walk in Reno,Nevada


I am a big fan of mural art. For some reason, I don’t really enjoy museums. I’ve always had this crazy idea that art can’t be contained between walls, that it needs to be a part of our every day life, incorporated in things we see and touch, to remind us that life itself should be filled with wonder! Here in Reno  Nevada, they are strong advocates of everything artsy. I think this is one of the top reasons I love the city so much. Continue reading “Experiencing the Art Walk in Reno,Nevada”

Oficina 1000 Miglia in NYC

In NYC, options can be overwhelming. Especially if you do not have a lot of time ! These past two days, I was in New York City, before taking a roadtrip to Montreal (Oh the joy of being back 🙂 I Will be blogging about that in another post).

During my very short stay in NYC, I seized the opportunity to do a collab with NYCxClothes, a fashion vlog owned my childhood friend Shelcy and her sister Christy. They took me to some cool places and made sure did the most of the few hours I had in the city.

Among these cool places, one of my favorite  was Oficina 1000 Miglia, a little hip,vintage-chic italian restaurant, where we went for brunch.

Here are the reasons why: Continue reading “Oficina 1000 Miglia in NYC”

Mountain adventures : TreeHouse, fresh air and raspberries

If you know me or have been reading my blog, you must know that I am an adventure junky. The more out of the ordinary it is, the more I want to try it. Parasailing, paragliding, bungee jumping, cliff diving, camping, hiking… you name it, I want it. Of course, I might take a few deep breaths, freak out and scream my life away in the process but this doesn’t make the experience less worth it for me. The thing is, since we are not always able to travel far away immediately, we sometimes need to find adventures in our home country. We should not be so focused on going to the distance that we ignore all of the cool things we can do right where we are.

A few days ago, I decided to add something else to my list: Sleeping in a tree house. If you haven’t yet, you should check out my post about Rustik (available here–>) Experience the wild life at Rustik Haïti, this super cool place in the mountains of Haiti made of recycled material. As I mentioned in my post, they have different types of rooms but one that is particularly appealing (to some) is the famous Tree House: A room suspended 20 meters above the ground, between two trees. Pretty cool right? Continue reading “Mountain adventures : TreeHouse, fresh air and raspberries”

Things to do in Salvador de Bahia

Hello travel lovers!

I haven’t been bloging this past month but if you follow my adventures on Instagram, you know that I am currently in Brazil. Yes! Finally, I can check this off my bucket list. Actually… to tell you the truth, not sure I can check it yet. Brazil is so big! And even though I got to visit 4 different cities in 2 weeks, I still want to come back and see more of this beautiful country. My trip has been amazing and even though I still have 3 days left here, I feel like I could stay an extra week just to keep backpacking through this land of cultural diversity and delicious cuisine. Continue reading “Things to do in Salvador de Bahia”

Experience the wild life at Rustik Haïti

If you are a lover of everything raw, Rustik is the place for you. I personally am a nature lover. I am in love with everything that can be beautiful without having to be artificial or ridiculously expensive.this is probably why I fell in love with Rustik. Yes I am a beach lover but I also LOOOVE some good times at the mountain! As I was saying, whether you live in Haïti, are backpacking or working there as an expat, this is an experience for anybody looking for something unusual that will help them get away and connect with nature.  Continue reading “Experience the wild life at Rustik Haïti”

Does Spirit airlines really suck?

Ok so I have been getting the “Spirit sucks so much” face when I told people that I chose Spirit to fly to Costa Rica. Apparently, most people flying with Spirit airlines have had a bad experience for the simple reason that, well… Spirit charges you for everything. Continue reading “Does Spirit airlines really suck?”

What to do at Île à Vache

Among the numerous sites to visit in Haïti, The virgin island of Île a Vache has to be one of the top 10. Île à Vache is located on the Southern Coast of Haïti and can be accessed by taking a boat from Les Cayes.The island offers 2 hotels services Port-Morgan and Abakay Bay Resort. While Port-Morgan offers a spectacular view on the ocean from the pool-jacuzzi, it only has a little corner of water between rocks as a beach. Abaka Bay on the other hand, is THE PLACE to visit if you are a beach bum. Even if you are not a travel lover, you must have heard about the beach in Haiti that made it to CNN’s World’s 100 best beaches report in 2013! I’ve had the chance to visit it 3 times. Once in summer 2011, another time in summer 2012 and recently in December 2014. So far, Abaka Bay also figures on my personal list of top 3 beaches! Yes it competes with Thailand. Abaka Bay doesn’t offer the majestic view of long tail boats and rock formations but the white sand is unbeatable, plus the water is so light blue and warm that you honestly feel like you landed in paradise.


Since 2011, many efforts were made in Haïti to attract tourism and bring back attention to this corner of paradise of the Caribbean that has been neglected for so long because of many factors like insecurity, poor advertisement and more. Since then, the migration towards Haïti has significantly increased. More than 400,000 bookings in 2014 from Expedia reports. Expats, missionaries, tourists are all eager to explore the corners of our beautiful island. As a travel lover in love with my Haïti, I will share a short list of things to do in Île a Vaches. This will be a useful quick to do list if ever you get the chance to visit! Continue reading “What to do at Île à Vache”

My experience at Wahoo Bay beach resort on a dead week day

photo 1 (7)

Monday, I decided to go away by myself so I could find peace and quiet to prepare myself for the retreat I will be leading next month. After calling three different hotels on Côte des Arcadins, I chose Wahoo Bay beach because their price was the most reasonable in my opinion (compared to Moulin sur mer for example). Continue reading “My experience at Wahoo Bay beach resort on a dead week day”