Tips to stay fit this summer

Summer season is right around the corner! The beers are about to get colder, the music louder and the hearts happier. There is just something about summer that makes life so fun. The rooftops are ready to welcome us, the BBQs are put out and people just naturally want to live more and be happier! Living in the Caribbean where its always summer, it can be easy for me to take this season for granted. However, since I have lived in Montreal for 4 years,  I make sure I always take the time to realise how blessed we are when this weather comes around. 

1. Plan outdoor activities


It’s probably time for you to take out your snickers and get ready for some outdoor activities. This picture was taken on our 6hour hike to Seguin. Do something that challenges you this summer. It does not need to be as extreme as a 6 hour hike but you could take advantages of your mountains, jog on the beach, surf, do some kayaking… Summer has the power to bring out the adventurous spirit out of people. Try new things, do things that put you out of your comfort zone and stay in shape while doing it!

2. Download the AAPTIV app!

Aaptiv is  an on-Demand Personal Trainer app that allows you to bring your workouts with you wherever you go. I personally started using this app and I LOVE IT! Because I move so much, it is important for me to have my workouts with me at all times. With Aaptiv on my phone, I can choose from a wide list of audio workouts and  . Plus, you can always download the workouts before traveling in case you do not have available wifi. Sign up here by entering your email and creating a password and enter the code takemeth3re in order to enjoy a 30 day FREE TRIAL. Then you just need to enter your email and password in the app and you can automatically start your free trial. How awesome is that?! check out their FIT FOR SUMMER series to learn practical ways of staying fit while enjoying your summer to the fullest

3. Spend some time neat the ocean


There is just something so therapeutic about the ocean. Plan to spend some time near or in the water. Whether it is on a boat or simply on the sand, swimming and walking will help you relax while keeping you fit. If you want to add some exercise to your relaxation, you can try snorkelling. Snorkelling is a fun activity that will leave your legs feeling super sore the next day. Even if you are not a great swimmer, you can still snorkel with your life vest on. So check out the nearest snorkelling equipments rental and get ready for some adventure this summer.

Go out there, jump in lakes, spend time with your loved ones… Enjoy every second of it and do not forget to drink tons of water!


A travel lover

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