6 spots for foodies under a budget in Montreal

If you follow my travel page on Instagram (which you should), you will fall under the impression that all I did during my trip to NYC and Montreal was eat out. My page has been drowning in food pictures and It is only because it had been 2 years since I have left MTL and everything was just so yummy ! Like they say: “Sharing is caring” so what better way to share my love for you dear readers than to share some nice places to go eat out if you ever visit!?

La Banquise


You simply can’t visit MTL and not stop at La Banquise. This restaurant is unique. And by unique, I mean litteraly… There is only one in Town! The good news is that it is open 24/7 and offers more than 30 choices of Poutine, these fries topped with all types of goodies.

La Banquise is located on Rachel Road in Mont Royal.

What I suggest?: La Elvis

Universel Déjeuner et Grillades 


Best brunch ever? Heck yeah! The eggs Bénédicte at Universel are simply amazing. You can pair it with a fruity smoothie to make the experience better.

Universel is located downtown Montreal on Peel street.

What I suggest? : Eggs Bénédicte because that’s all I ever get there.


 Mandy’s is this cute salad place on Crescent street (downtown Montreal). If you are thinking “I am not a salad person” give it a try! They have so many options. I am sure you’ll find something to make your tastebuds happy. + the portions are super big.

Basically anything sold in a food truck or food stand at the Old Port of Montreal

Meat from the Jamaican food stand at the “Taste of the Caribbean” festival



Churros Mme Banane

Tres Amigos

The piña coldas are worth the stop

Location: Sainte Catherine Street / Downtown Montreal

What I suggest?: Fraise Banane

Sushi Shop

For sushi lovers, the sushi shop provides many options that will keep your pockets happy.

Location: almost everywhere

What I suggest? The dragon roll

Be on the look out for my blog post about my foody experience in NYC.


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