Why I write


I believe that we are all gifted in a way or another. We were all created for a specific purpose. We are all tools to make this world better. Some of us don’t use our gifts because we haven’t discovered them yet or because we don’t know how to use them. Last november, I experienced an encounter with God. Till now, it has been the most overwhelming, life changing experience ever. Since then, there is this flame that started burning on the inside of me.

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Why you should never judge

So here is the thing..we all think that we know it all and that our way of doing things is the one and only way to do it. Traveling to India turned out to be more than humanitarian work..I grew spiritually. I used to wonder why God put me in an environment filled with idols, people worshiping statues with 4 arms and elephant heads. It really saddened me to see so many people worshiping sculptures made of men hand BUT..I realized that it was all for a purpose.

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