Taking a New Yorker around Port-au-Prince city: Explore Haiti with me. Day 1

Last week, I got the pleasure to welcome Gabby to Haiti. Gabby is a designer I met in New York last year before flying to Vietnam! Not only is she one of the most stylish people I have met but she is also on a journey to be become a chef! I am honestly not sure she can get cooler than this. At a little starbucks cafe, my friend Shelcy, who is a Fashion vlogger set up the meeting. I remember our day being so busy that day as we had so much to do and so little time before the flight. But Shelcy insisted “You HAVE to meet Gabby”. Because I work in cultural and social tourism in Haiti, and that Gabby was just starting a cultural project where she wanted to gather people around food and history, Shelcy figured we could absolutely do a collab. It did not take long for Gabby and I to connected. It was a quick, natural, meant to be moment where we both felt like we had known each other for the longest time. I learned more about her passion for culinary arts and she learned more about the cultural tours I organize in Haiti. We exchanged numbers with the usual “We have to see each other again!!!”but you never really know if you’ll really see someone again as you each go your own way.

A few weeks ago, as I was posting some pictures of my trip to Jacmel on my Instagram travel page, Gabby reached out to me saying how amazing my pictures of Haiti looked. Then she asked if she needed any shots before flying. I guess I did not know how serious she was until she sent me her flight itinerary! And this was the start of a journey filled with adventures, discoveries, food, nature and laughter on this island of mine. I got to take her on a tour with my company and I will tell you all about this excursion. But for now, here is what we did on our first day!

First stop was Place Saint Pierre where we probably bought every souvenir we probably could! Gabby got a chance to meet some Haitian artists and learn more about our artisanat. From the paintings, the bags made with coconuts, the sandals, the jewelry, Gabby was in awe, not able to say No to any vendor. There was so much to see that even I had to buy something!

Next stop was the fruit market

The colors were so vibrant we knew everything had to be healthy! As a foodie, Gabby was in heaven and wanted to learn more about our fruits and veggies and ways to eat them. She was in heaven when we included a Haitian cooking class in the tour activities!

It was then time for a trip to the mountains …

Gabby was fascinated by Haiti’s majestic scenes. As the air got cooler, we rolled the windows down to feel the wind and enjoy the views. We stopped for some street food, then the magic began as we discovered an abandoned looking alley. There was nothing pretty about it but it was attractive. Its weird, how something so ugly can also be so beautiful but only to certain people’s eyes. I guess these are the ones God created with an artsy spirit. So we started walking in that alley and stopped in front on colorful walls with paint falling off. There was dirt on the floor and it was hard to imagine people lived there. But as we kept walking, a delicious smell started floating in the air. I saw a little window on an orange little house. “Boulanjri kay ti machann”. I saw 3 men taking bread out of an old oven. Man it smelled gooood. So we bought bread. 6 pieces for 20 gourdes,  not even 50 US cents. And it was absolutely amazing. I love falling deeper in love with Haïti.

We then stopped at a fort called fort Jacques for some histotry and pictures. Unfortunately it was closed for renovations but Gabby got to catch some nice views.

The day was full of activities but oh so worth it!

I cannot wait to share what we did on tour!

Until next time


A travel lo lover.

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