23 reasons to be happy in 2017!

Hello travel lovers!

Today is my birthday!!! I thank God for giving me breath on this beautiful day. And how awesome is is that, not only my birthday is on the first month of the year but also on a Monday this year! What a cool way to set the tone for 2017.

2016 has been a crazy year. My highs made me feel like it was the best year of my life but my lows also made me feel like it was the worst. Nonetheless, in this crazy roller coaster of mine, God’s faithfulness remained the same. I am so grateful to continue this journey with you travel lovers and bring more inspiration to this platform.

As I blow my 23rd candle, here are 23 reasons to be crazy happy in 2017.

  1. Because there are still countries to cross off your bucket list
  2. Because there are still concerts to attend!
  3. Because this year is another chance to do better than last year. Even if you did not meet all of your 2016 goals. Keep pushing. This year is the year you will achieve your goals
  4. Because you are still breathing and this alone means that God is not done with you
  5. Because there are still more foods to try
  6. Because there is still more love to give
  7. Because there is still more love to receive
  8. Because you will meet some interesting people this year
  9. Because more babies will be born in the world this year. Cheers to life!
  10. Because there will be more books to discover and read
  11. Because there will be more adventures. Go out and discover! Where have you been wanting to visit in your country?
  12. Because this year is a new opportunity to smile more. Come on, I challenge you to smile in the mirror every morning
  13. Because it is a new opportunity to forgive the people who hurt you and make peace with your past
  14. Because it is a new season to try new things
  15. Because it is a chance to renew your vows with a loved one
  16. Because it is an opportunity to finally start taking chances with your life
  17. Because it is a great way to start loving yourself more
  18. It is a good kick start to spending more time with your family
  19. Because it is the most cliché way to start working out again
  20. Because while the year starts, it is a great occasion to start drinking more water
  21. Its the perfect timing to start planning your days better. I got myself an agenda! Yay. I will finally stop planing months in my head.
  22. It is an opportunity to trust the Holy Spirit more with what He is leading you to do. Hummm. Is there something God placed on your heart in 2016 that you kinda sorta put on the side because you thought you were not ready? Well this is the year to be obedient to what the Lord is asking you to do! Lets be more like Abraham.
  23. Because God is still on your side this year and wants to take you even deeper into His amazing love.

    I pray that this year, you will be bold enough to follow the dreams God has put on your heart. Jesus said: “I have come so that they may have life and have it abundantly” John 10:10 ! What a wonderful promise! So may this year be your year of Yes to God so that you may live fully, abundantly in the path He has for you. May you travel more, rest more, love more, laugh more and trust God more.

    Sending you tons of blessings on my birthday!

    Happy birthday to me!!!


    A travel lover

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