A full day of adventure at MeKong River in Vietnam for $6 !

Vietnam has so much to offer in terms of adventures. There is always something to discover, a place to go, something to try. During our first stop in Saigon, we have been able to do so much! Our day trip at Mekong river is one of our adventures. Here is how we had a full day of fun for just $6 !

From Saigon city, book a tour to Mekong river with one of the many travel offices along the busy tourist streets. For a price of about 140,000 Vietnamese Dongs per person, your tour will be booked. Make sure you reserve the day before as the bus leaves as early as 8 AM.

After driving for a total of 2 hours with a stop for drinks, temple visit and souvenir shopping, we arrive at the port where the ships depart. The guide will give some explanations but most likely, it won’t be understandable because of the accent. Nonethless, this adds a sense of humour to the ride as most people will look at each other wondering what he is saying.

The boat first takes us to a place where we can drink some tea, sweetened with honey and lemon. We are also offered some local snacks while we meet other people from the tour

It is then time to continue the journey while walking through halleys where many locals sell all kinds of souvenirs : bags, bowls, and more. It is so much fun walking and being surrounded by so many souvenirs and local fruits. After sitting, eating fruits, listening to a Vietnamese girl singing and drinking tea, it is time for the river ride.

Going down the river between the coconut trees is so much fun. We get to see many other boats with tourists admiring the mix of weirdness and beauty of it all. The boat ride lasts about 15 minutes (quite short) then it’s time to take the big boat again to the next stop, the farm.

At the farm, we can see how coconuts are transformed into different products like : oils, candy and more. Then our tour guides leads us around to the main road where we get to jump on a carriage. Just walking near by the local houses is such a moment of pleasure in itself! Seeing the locals ride their bycicles or simply sit on their balcony helps us sink in the real essence of what Vietnam really is

When the carriage stops, we walk through a local village and arrive at a spot where we have lunch: rice, pork and some soup.

We are then given some free time to either relax on the hammocks or ride bycicles. The bikes are all very old and the breaks look like they’ve been dead for a long time but the satisfaction of getting a free bike is greater than any inconvenience. Haha

After some good free time, it is time to take the boat and leave

We are then back to the bus for a 2 hour ride back, this time without stops.

If ever in Saigon, consider booking the Mekong Delta tour. This full day of adventure only costs $6 and won’t disappoint.


A travel lover



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