How I have been able to travel to 6 places for absolutely FREE!

Hello travel lovers!
As promised, I will share with you how I have been able to travel to Dallas, Reno, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, Washington and New York for absolutely free!

So before I let you know the big secret

I want to remind you that , just as any other thing in life, traveling can become way easier once you make it a priority. When you truly love something , you are willing to do the effort it takes to make it work.

So here it is. I had been selected for an entrepreneur exchange program for the months of October through mid-November. The YLAI (Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative). During this program , there were many networking and learning opportunities and the best part is that it was all paid for. That’s right. There ARE actually programs who decide to pick you to travel and meet people who can help you shape or develop your current business or business idea. And it’s actually more do-able than a college exchange program as exchange programs are not free (unless you get a scholarship or something).

So let’s get to the good part.

The program opening was in Dallas, then I was placed in Reno with a host organization , then traveled to Washington for the program closing.

Among all the covered expenses : flights, hotels and more, there were also daily food expenses which were calculated at USD40 per day. This amount has been calculated on the basis that I would eat out every day for every meal, which I did not. There were also transportation stipends, other expenses stipends and more!

By managing to cook from time to time, using Uber codes for free rides and focusing on traveling instead of shopping, I’ve been able to travel to San Francisco and Lake Tahoe (only trips not paid for by the state department among Dallas Reno and Washington) and ended the program with USD470 in my pockets! Yes I was even surprised. The trip to Washington DC was covered by the program. But thanks to the extra money I saved up , I was able to fund the 3 days I stayed after the program ended. I booked a $10 megabus ticket and went to New York where I stayed 2 days before flying to Vietnam !

This money has also allowed me to add some cash to what I had already saved up for my Vietnam trip.

I also need to mention that, having friends all over helped! I stayed with some friends instead of spending money on hotels and I got a free unlimited subway pass in NYC!

At the end of the day, I got to travel to these states without spending a penny of my own money ! Of course the program money is my money as I deserved to be part of it but it was all given cash !

So if you are looking for ways to travel for free, I suggest looking for programs in your field of expertise abroad. There are many opportunities to travel as long as you are willing to leave everything behind for a little time. If you are selected, it will be the perfect way to enjoy free flights while learning something new.

So start researching and explore! The world has endless possibilities.


A travel lover

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