How to plan the best roadtrip EVER

I looooove roadtrips! I am that girl who dreads the arrival. I will take my pillow, my snacks, my books and my phone and consider the car as my house for the whole ride. As a matter of fact, I get most inspired in cars or buses! Probably because I find time to just sit down, look at the landscapes and have some good convos with my lover while playing some Angus and Julia Stone on the radio, Clean Bandit, Coldplay or some good country music. Ahhh… This is heaven to me. 

Roadtrips can be pure bliss or hell. It all depends on your preparation. And I want this blog to make you all PROS! This is why I prepared this list so your roadtrips can be a blast.

1- Make sure you are comfortable 

Comfort is sooo important if you are going to be in a car for more than 30 minutes! Make sure you year yoga pants so your legs don’t get stiff. Also, wear a loose t-shirt and remember to take a hoody with you in case it gets chilly. Wear comfy shoes that are easy to put on and off (just like the airport) and take a pillow and light sheet. Once this list is checked, there is no way you will be uncomfortable during your ride!

2- Stay healthy! 

Rule numero dos is to pack healthy snacks. Getting car sickness because you are too full or because something did not go down right is no fun. I have particularly fragile intestines so I do my best to bring fruits that I can eat on the go, some avocados and a spoon and knife. People will think that it’s quite weird that you walk around with a big knife but trust me, your stomach will thank you later! I suggest bananas, watermelon, pineapples, mangos and avocados.

3-Avoid boredom

Books, a camera,  and a 3G connection are all it takes to avoid getting bored. Most people can’t read in cars but if you are a weirdo like me, cars are your favourite place to read. Bring your goodies with you and you will have so much fun you will not see the time pass.

4-Have a killer playlist 

There is no roadtrip without music (A blog post about the perfect roadtrip playlist is coming soon). Have a list of the songs you love the most while riding. For me, songs that have great instrumental and powerful(even weird) lyrics are my best option for roadtrips. I love Coldplay, One Republic, The Script,Angus and Julia Stone, Ed Sheeran, Worship music like Bethel and Hillsongs, Annnnnnd when things get a little more romantic, I play some Shania Twain 🙂 I listen to sooo many different song categories. It really all depends on the mood.

5-Be in good company 😉 

I adore roadtrips with my boyfriend or with close friends and family! It is such a precious time to talk and bond!  I still remember a time where I laughed so much I cried in the car. I still like when we hold hands. I love talking about everything. I don’t know why roadtrips help people communicate so much. It must be the mountains and the music in the background. Come on, how can teenage dream by Katy Perry not make you want to be wild and kiss your lover at gaz stations?! Is it just me?

Anyways I surely hope this post helped. I firmely believe that roadtrips can be so much fun if we simply take a little time to plan

Do You like roadtrips? Do you have any thing you would like to add to this list? Share with me in the comment box below.


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