Keeping a child’s soul : Why I refuse to “grow up”


I have been a little bored a few minutes ago so I decided to scroll down my hundreds of pictures on my Instagram page. It is so beautiful how a picture can bring back so many memories! I relived my days in India when I was working at this orphanage, teaching kids about the love of Christ. I relived being bathed by an elephant. I felt the little butterflies in my stomach while remembering this husky ride in the middle of the snow in Lapland. I saw Lory, this old man who approached me in Costa Rica and told me all about the days he spent in coma and how he decided to travel the world when he woke up… So many stories I could write a book (which I am 😉 ) And then, I saw something else… a sarcastic comment a girl left under my picture about 2 years ago. I posted about the importance of “giving without expecting something in return”. That day, I explained how a waiter at a restaurant, who had been reasonably nice at first, turned into a complete butthole as soon as he thought I would not leave him a tip. That day, sitting in a small Vietnamese restaurant in Montreal, I wrote a text about how in life, it was important to do things out of love because when we do things just because we expect something back, we end up miserable and bitter. Because let’s face it… in life, not everybody will applause us or even give us credit for our “god actions” so might as well do things because…well, we genuinely want to be good! So good luck to you if the only reason you smile at a stranger or are nice to people is because you want something back.

“You act like a child” she said

Reading this now made me smile. Funny how, 2 years later, I still have the same opinion. “Grow up” society will tell you. “Wake up”. “Stop thinking that life is so easy”. These are all things you’ve probably heard before if you are in your 20s or even 30s.  It seems like, we are constantly asked to wake up from a dream. Like being kind, passionately adventurous and curious are all childish behaviors that we should quickly learn to erase from our being.

So to this stranger and to society, here are reasons why “Growing up” is not as cool as you think.

The world belongs to those who keep a child’s soul

Children are innocently curious and expect good from everybody. In life, I have learned that keeping a child’s soul is what allows us to discover all of life’s wonders. As we “grow up” and get more responsibilities, we tend to get so busy that we miss out on the simple, yet most important parts of life. I like sitting at restaurants and study people. Not because I am a childish girl with no job but because to me, human nature is fascinating and because I believe that part of the reason the world seems to have lost its sense of humanity is because we have forgotten to look at and listen to each other. Keeping a child’s soul allows us to observe and smile at the little things in life.

Keeping a child’s soul opens new doors 

Life belongs to those who dare to dream and imagine. As long as YOU stop believing that this world can be better, YOUR world will always be dark and gloomy. If you start thinking that people should be bitter because “life gets hard” well , this will be YOUR reality. We create the change we wish to see. We open the doors our imagination and heart want to create and we attract what we focus our energy on. Stop limiting yourself to the idea of “being realistic”. Truth is you are not realistic until you start believing in miracles.

The Kingdom of God belongs to those who are children at heart

Jesus said : “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthews 19:14. I see the Kingdom of God as all of the goodness that our heavenly father wants to offer us. It is impossible to open our eyes and hearts to these things if we are bitter, sour grown ups who believe that “life is too dark and sad”. Even though life can be hard at times, it is important not to let these temporary circumstances steal our joy. We, humans have a tendency to grab a bad 5 minutes and carry it with us through our whole day, our whole week or even our whole life. Nobody cares about the fact that you don’t like Timmy because he stole your lollipop in kindergarten 20 years ago. Move on.

So dear reader, fill your eyes with wonder, never stop believing that deep down people can be good, open your heart to new adventures, do all things with love, be nice to people, say what’s on your mind, don’t be afraid to ask and never stop believing in miracles.

In the profound words of C.S Lewis: “Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.” 


A travel lover

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