Venice for a day : What to do

It has already been three years since I have last visited Italy! It has always been a country I’ve been deeply in love with prior to even visiting it. Through movies and pictures, Italy has always had this vibe that had the power to charm me in the most profound ways. The people, the romance, the food, the wine…. Everything about it just makes me want to get lost in the narrow streets with a gelato in hand. No wonder it has been my honeymoon destination goals for years! I mean, where else would you want to eat your life away and make love? Seriously. During my time in Europe three years ago, I visited Venice. And while I think Italy has so much more to offer (Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Cinq Terre….), Venice remains nonetheless a very charming city.


You can:

Do some island hoping



In Venice, everything is on water. This contributes greatly to the romance of this place. During your stay in Venice, you can visit the islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello. Each has a charm of its own and will make you fall in love with their vibrant colors, great food and friendly people. You can schedule a day trip with your hotel or at the boat station and spend the day exploring.

Eat your life away





There is a reason the country is called EATaly people!!! Venice has been the place where I’ve had one of my top foody experiences. The passion they put into everything they do is incredible. Italians will make sure that you enjoy your food to the max. They make you taste and smell everything, from the red wine to the pasta. You can feel that everything is done with care and love and this only make their delicious food taste even better! I suggest you spend all of your money on pasta, pizza, wine and seafood! Try a dish on each of the islands you will visit. It’s worth it.

Get lost in the narrow streets


It doesn’t get any better than this. I suffer from incurable wanderlust so chances are, you might find me somewhere in narrow streets just feeling the essence of the city. Venice is a narrow street lover’s paradise. Chances are, you will enjoy walking around with no fixed plans or direction and it will be the most liberating experience.

Souvenir shopping


Who doesn’t love some good souvenir shopping. When I travel, I hate malls are any shopping center that is not purely local and where I can feel at the heart of the city I am visiting. I will choose street markets over supermarkets and small souvenir shops over shopping malls. It is just the way I like to explore. In Venice, you will get the chance to enter many little souvenir shops without feeling like you’ve lost the true essence of the island you are exploring.

We only had about 1 full day in Venice before flying to Amsterdam so I am pretty sure that there would be way more things to do if we had 3 days. Some wine tasting maybe? Visiting some churches, gondola rides and more. However, if you just have 1-2 days like me, this list will help you make the most out of your short stay and will make you fall in love with this city on water.

Have you ever visited Venice? How was your experience?


A travel lover




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