Stepping into the unknown


Changes are a part of life. Seasons are there to remind us of this truth. It is just nature’s way of reminding us that everything under the heavens needs to change, that things that once were will take different forms. That it does not need to be a sad event but that we need to learn to accept these changes and adapt to them. Before being a newborn, you were part of a different world in the placenta. Then, when you arrived in the world, you had to be put out of what once was your comfort zone and be exposed to many people staring at you like you came from the other side (which you did). You had to learn how to walk and how to talk and you learned to live with your family members. You probably learned about life, love and even about pain. But above all, you kept growing, you kept changing. As I am entering a new chapter in my life, I felt the need to write this post. Because I know that change can be scary. I know that some people do not have the necessary guidance as they enter their new beginnings. This post is to encourage you, who have a vision, you who finally found your purpose or to you who simply feel the desire learn something new. You are enough. You are equipped through God to face any challenges that come your way. You were not meant to live a mediocre life so this season of change is here to shape you, build you up and prepare you for the great plans God has in store for you. Get ready to step into the unknown and discover your wings! Continue reading “Stepping into the unknown”

How to plan the best roadtrip EVER

I looooove roadtrips! I am that girl who dreads the arrival. I will take my pillow, my snacks, my books and my phone and consider the car as my house for the whole ride. As a matter of fact, I get most inspired in cars or buses! Probably because I find time to just sit down, look at the landscapes and have some good convos with my lover while playing some Angus and Julia Stone on the radio, Clean Bandit, Coldplay or some good country music. Ahhh… This is heaven to me.  Continue reading “How to plan the best roadtrip EVER”

Keeping a child’s soul : Why I refuse to “grow up”


I have been a little bored a few minutes ago so I decided to scroll down my hundreds of pictures on my Instagram page. It is so beautiful how a picture can bring back so many memories! I relived my days in India when I was working at this orphanage, teaching kids about the love of Christ. I relived being bathed by an elephant. I felt the little butterflies in my stomach while remembering this husky ride in the middle of the snow in Lapland. I saw Lory, this old man who approached me in Costa Rica and told me all about the days he spent in coma and how he decided to travel the world when he woke up… So many stories I could write a book (which I am 😉 ) And then, I saw something else… a sarcastic comment a girl left under my picture about 2 years ago. Continue reading “Keeping a child’s soul : Why I refuse to “grow up””

Venice for a day : What to do

It has already been three years since I have last visited Italy! It has always been a country I’ve been deeply in love with prior to even visiting it. Through movies and pictures, Italy has always had this vibe that had the power to charm me in the most profound ways. The people, the romance, the food, the wine…. Everything about it just makes me want to get lost in the narrow streets with a gelato in hand. No wonder it has been my honeymoon destination goals for years! I mean, where else would you want to eat your life away and make love? Seriously. During my time in Europe three years ago, I visited Venice. And while I think Italy has so much more to offer (Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Cinq Terre….), Venice remains nonetheless a very charming city.

DSC_0477 Continue reading “Venice for a day : What to do”