Why did I travel alone?

I must admit it was not my first choice. When I decided to take a day off work and go spend a weekend in Portugal, I of course wanted my friends to go with me. Since it was a last minute decision no one was available and I seriously thought about cancelling my trip. I did not want to go all alone!

Why not cancel the trip and go another time when my friends are available? I did not want to spend a whole weekend alone with no one to talk to. It would definitely be boring and I would regret spending the money. I truly believed that it would be dangerous (remember the movie Hostels?!) I seriously thought that traveling alone was not worth it since I won’t have anyone to share those moments with.

A week before the trip, I was still staring at my computer screen and seriously debating whether I should book this ticket. Then I started thinking that just one weekend alone could not be that bad! I’ve done worse before, right? Going to college in the state of Michigan, starting a new life in Paris with no family, no friends… all alone. How bad could a weekend really be?

And I also remembered that Annso told me that traveling alone is a life changing experience.

Why not try to get lost for a weekend in a country where you don’t speak the language?! So I booked my ticket, found a small hostel and I was ready for this great adventure 😀

This weekend in Lisboa was actually my favorite European trip so far! I did whatever I wanted whenever I wanted!!! For my previous trips, I was always with friends and we had to comprise on what we wanted to do and when to do it (which was not always a bad thing). But last week was different! I felt free and in charge of my vacation.

No museums (not a big fan), more food (I love food) and more drinks (yea, I may have a problem).

Wandering the streets of Lisboa, starring at an amazing view of the city at night, going to the beach in Cascais, eating some pastel de nata, watching the Portugal soccer game at the Praça do Comércio while drinking beer, and of course meeting new people. Traveling solo pushes you to open up to others and start random conversations. So if you are a shy person, it will definitely help you! You talk to the local population and learn more about their history and their culture. You meet other travelers and learn more about their previous trips and other places to visit.

Portugal 2

The whole weekend, it felt like I started a new life. I got to relax, forget about work and school and simply enjoy some precious me time. If you like being independent and would like to discover yourself even more, a solo trip is definitely something you need to try.

Portugal 1

I know that traveling alone can sound pretty scary but trust me, it is worth it. When it comes to safety concerns, you need to be very careful and do some research before you.

But, one of the negative things about traveling solo: either you become a selfie master or you have to ask random people to take your picture every single time (Not fun)

If you plan on traveling to Europe, I strongly encourage you to visit Lisbon Here are some pictures of the beautiful city of Lisboa


P.S: I don’t know if I enjoyed my solo trip because I chose the right city, so I decided to plan another trip just to be sure, next stop => Barcelona!!! ….with me, myself and I.


  1. I literally had the same experience..I wanted to go away for spring break and no one was available and it was a last minute decision. I still booked a flight for 5 days to Mexico and I LOVED it!

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