My journey hiking from Ti Muska to Seguin



The past week-end was full of adventures! And you know I never say No to adventures.

We hiked 4 hours and a half through the mountains! Leaving Ti Muska, we started walking and little did we know, it would be so hard but all worth it! We saw beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, little wood houses and had good conversations. It rained on the way. So going through the mud, we kept walking, got wet, taking 10 minutes breaks after each hour. It seemed like we would never make it.

The beginning was rough! But the scenery was magical. The red dirt roads created a beautiful contrast with the greenness of the mountains. The air was cool and the sunlight, appearing from time to time kept us warm. The noises of the mountains kept us company. As we admired the majestic views, we realized that the world, the real world belonged to the crazies.

 Bananas were the best natural source of energy. We got some from vendors walking down the mountains. Speaking of miracles! I instantly felt better. Our legs were hurting but somehow, our bodies were getting used to the idea of experiencing a crazy, non human challenge.

Seguin 3

We kept going. I stopped from time to time as the view gave me the strength to keep going. Some shoes were starting to fall apart and we had to go through hills, water and mud.

After a little more than 3 hours, we reached a pine forest. The rain was pouring and we were all dripping. The trees were tall and there were purple and yellow flowers along the way. At this point I had already put my wine bottle in my boyfriend’s bag. I was understanding the minimum packing concept better but I love my wine haha. It was that point where you thought about throwing all your stuff out of your bag and just get to Seguin! But man! It felt good. We were already wet so nothing really mattered anymore. We could just Be. Getting my feet in mud puddle did not matter, all of my clothes getting wet did not matter. It was just the people I loved, tall trees, sheeps and rain

Seguin 8

The worst was over after a little more than 4 hours. We arrived at the cutest guest house. Auberge La Visite. I just wanted to be around a fire and get warm. But the woods were too wet to light up a fire.

Seguin 4

We got served some hot tea. Then came some hot lamb, a delicious salad and fried potatoes. It was so gooood. (Yes the flowers were also part of the meal)
Seguin 5Seguin 6Seguin 7
But after this meal, it was time for a 45 minutes walk to the waterfall… I wanted to cry…


So we walked… Again. For 45 minutes. How did we do it? I have no idea. Maybe our bodies gave up at that point so we became immune to the pain. The walk through the forest was amazing. At first it was raining but then the sky started to clear up. The trees, the horses, the noise of the water, it was all perfect. I could not stop thinking “This country is a sacred land” .  To reach the waterfall, we had to go down a slippery road. Actually there was no road. We had to count on some tree roots to keep us from falling. Then we reached this beauty. Water was coming down from the mountain and formed natural pools in the forest . I felt like I was in Alice in Wonderland. The green grass, the mushrooms, the cold water, the mud, the pines.. Ok maybe not Alice. I felt like the survivor in “Life of pie” haha. Some shoes were falling apart, my butt was sore. So we sat on a rock letting the cold water make its magic… It was so beautiful.

Seguin 12

Seguin 13


seguin 11
After we got back to the guest house, the owner, Winni proposed that we get a room instead of tents(our first option) because of the humidity after the rain. We took a hot bath (finally!!!!) had some soup and tea, I finally had my wine and we all shared a room. The next morning, I woke up to this view.
Seguin 10
Auberge La Visite is one of the most charming places I have seen. Surrounded by flowers, it makes you feel so isolated. We had breakfast and our host, Winni stopped by to talk and share his story about how he started all of this: The guest House, living close to the community and more. I wanted to stay there for three days, maybe more. But it was already time to take the rod the Jacmel! how did it go? This will be for another story. This experience has been wonderful. Yes my butt and legs were sore, yes it was hard, yes at some point I wondered if we were crazy but YES it was all worth it. The pain, the forest, the waterfalls, the jokes, the love.
Segin 10
Seguin 9
These are the moments when I feel the most alive. The simplicity of life refreshes my mind body and soul and opens my eyes to the beauty of the world. If ever you plan on taking this journey, here are a few things you need to know:
  • – Bring crazy glue in case your shoes start to fall off
  • – Bring a raincoat and ziplock bags
  • – Pack the strict minimum
  • – Be in good company
  • – Take the time to breathe and enjoy the view
  • – Don’t forget your natural sources of protein
  • – Drink water
  • – Have fun! It’s all worth it
A travel lover

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