My journey hiking from Ti Muska to Seguin



The past week-end was full of adventures! And you know I never say No to adventures.

We hiked 4 hours and a half through the mountains! Leaving Ti Muska, we started walking and little did we know, it would be so hard but all worth it! We saw beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, little wood houses and had good conversations. It rained on the way. So going through the mud, we kept walking, got wet, taking 10 minutes breaks after each hour. It seemed like we would never make it.

The beginning was rough! But the scenery was magical. The red dirt roads created a beautiful contrast with the greenness of the mountains. The air was cool and the sunlight, appearing from time to time kept us warm. The noises of the mountains kept us company. As we admired the majestic views, we realized that the world, the real world belonged to the crazies. Continue reading “My journey hiking from Ti Muska to Seguin”