How to pack “the strict minimum” when you are a girl


Let’s face it, packing lightly is hard!!! Especially for girls. Ladies, I know your struggle. They tell you to only bring 2 outfits and suddenly you want to take 5. The thing is, it is hard to leave stuff behind sometimes. We create all these scenarios in our head and our imagination makes us think that we will need our whole closet. Well… sometimes we do not have a choice, we need to pack lightly. When you are going camping or hiking for example, a heavy bag can become your biggest enemy so you better pick wisely.

Here are some tips that personally help me when I need to pack lightly:

Lay everything on a bed

This will give you a global view of everything you want to pack. The thing is, when you just pick up things and throw them in your bag, it will be hard for you to have a good judgement. When everything is laid out before your eyes, it will be way easier for you to decide on what is not really necessary

Pack black clothes

Black clothes are perfect when you need to only bring the strict minimum because you can wear them with different pants and jewelry and not feel like you are wearing the same outfit twice.

Use travel size bottles

If your bag gets heavy, switch to travel size bottles for your shampoo, conditioner and even perfume. I say ‘If your bag gets heavy’ because I know that often times we need a lot of shampoo and conditioner especially if we are taking a trip to the beach!

If you have to think twice, you don’t need it

Simple. If you are hesitating, chances are it is just your crazy imagination creating scenarios again. Leave it.

Bring a smaller camera

Your big camera will need to be replaced with something more practical or a polaroid

Make sure your pants have multiple pockets

Especially if you are going hiking, multiple pockets will keep you from putting everything in your bag.

Use ziplock bags

For first aid kits, beauty products and other pills and liquids, use a ziplock bag. They are very practical and keep your stuff from spreading all over your bag

Hopefully this will help!


A travel lover

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