5 tips to protect your belongings while staying in a hostel


Traveling can be risky. I have encountered people who have lost their belongings at hostels, airports and even hotels. Truth is, you can never be too careful. I remember the nauseating feeling after losing my wallet in Italy. We were about to fly to Amsterdam and someone at the hostel had stolen my wallet (I lately understood that it could only be the janitor). Thank God I had put some of my cards in a jacket the previous night and that I never let my passport in my wallet. Nevertheless, it was not a pleasing experience and since then, I am more vigilant while traveling.

If you plan on staying in hostels during your travels, you have even more reasons to be careful as you will most likely share  room with strangers. Thankfully, there are many ways to protect your things and enjoy your adventures stress-free. Here are some tips:

Leave the expensive stuff at home

Chances are, you won’t need your gold necklace or your diamond bracelet. Travel as light as possible. Trade your expensive purse for a little bag that you can find at any souvenir shop. Not only are the practical but they will turn into a great memory once your trip is over. Wear simple jewelry: Leather bracelets or personalized necklaces that you can get done on the beach. Plus, if you ever loose them, it won’t even matter because you will probably have spent around $5 for them. Don’t draw the attention to you. Stay simple.

Get a locker

Most hostels offer locker services. It is worth investing in safety. When you go out, leave your important documents and other possessions in a locker and make sure it is locked! Sometimes, keys don’t work properly. Don’t hesitate to ask for another one at the desk

Don’t put all of your eggs in the same basket

How dumb would it be to have everything stolen all at once just because we put all of our money and documents in the same bag!? Put some of your cash in your wallet, some wrapped in your bras then placed in your bag for example. The key is to spread everything!

Stay discrete

Don’t show strangers all of your “tricks” no matter how much of a “good friend” you think they are. Sometimes, you need to keep secrets.

Don’t overthink it

Relax… Simple tricks like the ones listed above are enough to avoid bad experiences. Don’t overthink it. Relax and enjoy your trip.


A travel lover

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