Why you haven’t really traveled until you have slept at an hostel

Sleeping with strangers is something that scares many people… in every possible sense. In this case I am talking about sharing a room with people you don’t know, who come from different parts of the world and who are probably going to ask questions about the city and what there is to do there. I am talking about sleeping in hostels. No, not hotels. If you don’t know the difference, it is a sign that you need to put your travel game up by booking a hostel in another country right now. I still remember arriving in Barcelona at night and checking in a room with about 12 bunk beds. I was nineteen years old and I had decided to go to Barcelona alone before flying to Morocco. What an adventure! Till this day, I still thank myself for taking this leap.

The idea of hostels can be scary. Especially for a first timer. Truth is, you don’t really know who you are going to share your room with, you don’t know if there aren’t any thieves in the room and the idea of having people from different backgrounds in your sleeping space might simply be scary. However, as a traveler, hostels have been one of the best decisions that I could have taken on my different journeys. The benefits of staying in  a hostel highly outweighs the fears. Besides, there are always safety measures that can be taken in order to avoid horrible experiences like getting your passport stolen. Here are some reasons why staying at hostels will turn out to be the highlight of your trip:

You get to stay in a cozy environment

Most hostels are very friendly. There are common areas, small libraries, common kitchen and many other things that make you feel at home. This helps to create a cozy environment where travelers can feel like they have found a piece of home in a foreign land.

You meet other travelers

Hostels are the absolute easiest way to meet other travelers! They welcome people from all around the globe who are either backpacking through the country, roadtriping or simply visiting. Chances are, you will bound with many of them and you guys will end up doing activities together. Travelers are the bets companions because they can suggest fun activities, restaurants and you will learn more about other countries they have visited prior to coming in this particular city. Some, more adventurous might even follow a group on their next adventure!


You learn a lot about other cultures

In hostels, as I said before, there are many common spaces. Most of the time, travelers decide to cook together. This is the perfect opportunity to learn about each others cuisines, favorite wine and get to know each other around a diverse meal.


You don’t feel so alone

Because you will meet other travelers, you will find a sense of comfort. Traveling can be tough sometimes. You miss your country or your loved ones at times and being able to talk to people who just like you have decided to go on this adventure can be reassuring. You are not the only one.

Of course, there are some safety measure to take! Yu need to protect your belongings and there are many tips to do so. I will make sure to write you guys a nice list in another blog.

Hotels can be nice after a few days of intense traveling. They provide more comfort then some hostels and you can have your big room all to yourself. But don’t just stay in hotels! There is so much more to the travel lifestyle than staying in a nice hotel room. Go out there, meet people, share a meal, get to know each other. It’s not about where you go but about the memories you make along the way.


A travel lover



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