Why traveling solo will make you more human


There are so many atrocities happening in the world that “being human” is often linked to negative characteristics: Selfishness, greed, envy, jealousy and more. Humanity is considered lost by many. Some people even prefer to have pets instead of having to deal with human beings. As a traveler, I find humans to be the most interesting thing to observe. I travel because I want to fall in love with humanity in different ways. Because humans fascinate me and also because I think that human contact can help those who seek it, to discover so many things about life. I have met people who have completely shaken my world and who have somehow made me a better version of myself. It is not about the years in your life but the life in your years. Your existence makes sense because of experiences you make and these experiences will often be brought to you by people:  Strangers who will come into your life and challenge you to think. Here are some reasons why I think that traveling solo makes you more human.

You get a chance to meet new people

In your every day life, in your comfort zone you miss way more encounters than you think. The explanation is simple. You are too comfortable! You do not feel the need to ask people questions. You do not feel the need to go outside of your little circle and actually immerse in the diversity which is the human kind. Traveling solo makes you curious about others, their origins, what they do for a living, why they are traveling and so much more. Never forget that the best stories are in the pages of a passport

You get in touch with your inner self

Traveling solo forces you to face things that you have been avoiding. It challenges you to be alone with yourself and think about your life. You might rethink about every single thing you have regretted doing in your life and it might be a difficult experience but this introspection is good for you. Most of us have lost touch with the essence of who we are. The problem is not humanity, it is the lack of humanity. When did it got so hard to express our feelings? When did it got so hard to listen to our hearts? When did it got so hard to look each other in the eyes and simply be human? You would be surprise that, by being completely lost, in another environment, you might re-find yourself.

 You learn that there is beauty in diversity

Diversity is a part of who we are as a whole. This is why we are meant to complete each other, not compete with each other. Cultural differences are the best way to learn this and traveling solo is the ultimate master because you do not have a travel partner who speaks, thinks, dresses or acts like you. You are alone in this wild jungle which is this earth and you are forced to deal with it. What a magical brutality!

 You learn embrace every adventure with arms wide open

While traveling solo, you might surprise yourself. I remember my time zip lining in Thailand and talking to myself while being feet up in the air. I told myself how grateful I was to be such a great traveling companion for myself. (Traveling solo will make you talk to yourself a lot btw). Truth is, you fall in love with yourself. You learn to feel more. We, as humans forget that we are here to feel. To feel all of it: the good, the bad, the surprising, the relaxing, the life shaking adventures. We are here to taste the food and feel the breeze. Not sit the backseat of someone else’s vehicle. Life is what you make it and it is by learning to feel that you know what fits in your life and what doesn’t.


 Still hesitating? Check out my post under the “Solo travel stories” category and get inspired today. Adventures await! Also, if you have traveled solo, be a guest blogger! Please send me an article about your experience that I can share here on the blog so other readers can get inspired. Let’s make the solo travelers community bigger.


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One thought on “Why traveling solo will make you more human

  1. I’ve always wanted to travel solo at least once, but I find it so intimidating. When you travel with your friends or family or even as a group, it’s like having a security blanket. It’s inspiring that you’re confident about taking on an adventure alone. It’s scary about what might get thrown your way, but your right when you say, until you’re alone you never really face anything and grow.

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