Mountain adventures : TreeHouse, fresh air and raspberries

If you know me or have been reading my blog, you must know that I am an adventure junky. The more out of the ordinary it is, the more I want to try it. Parasailing, paragliding, bungee jumping, cliff diving, camping, hiking… you name it, I want it. Of course, I might take a few deep breaths, freak out and scream my life away in the process but this doesn’t make the experience less worth it for me. The thing is, since we are not always able to travel far away immediately, we sometimes need to find adventures in our home country. We should not be so focused on going to the distance that we ignore all of the cool things we can do right where we are.

A few days ago, I decided to add something else to my list: Sleeping in a tree house. If you haven’t yet, you should check out my post about Rustik (available here–>) Experience the wild life at Rustik Haïti, this super cool place in the mountains of Haiti made of recycled material. As I mentioned in my post, they have different types of rooms but one that is particularly appealing (to some) is the famous Tree House: A room suspended 20 meters above the ground, between two trees. Pretty cool right?

So let’s get to it. How was my experience? Interesting to say the least. After leaving Port-au-Prince at around 4:30 PM, and stopping in Fermath for some street griot, I enjoyed the ride as always. Sun was setting and the cool breeze that came in through the car window was giving me a sensation of bliss. There was a lot of fog and we could not see the green mountains. However, we could see the tall trees and the red mud. Little kids on the road were trying to sell us raspberries. There is just something so charming about the wild mountains of Haiti.

As we were slowly (because of the bad road) approaching the guesthouse, we saw a little boy who screamed :“You want a flower?” And as we realized we did not have any change, we kept on going. But for some unknown reason, I felt this urge to stop. I quickly looked for some forgotten change in my purse and asked my boyfriend to pullback . When we pulled back, I could see the little boy’s chubby cheeks. “You better give me a beautiful flower” I said. And he quickly walked to the little pile of grass near the road and picked a little flower. “Mwen renmen nou anpil wi” He said. Which means “I love you a lot” in creole.

At about 6:30 PM, we arrived at Ozone (new name given to Rustik. I personally like Rustik better) and were greeted by  the guesthouse manager. The adventure started as soon as we had to get to the treehouse. A little wooden door gave us access to a handrail that connected the place to the room. There was not a lot of space in the little cabin but it was just what I needed. There was a bed that occupied the majority of the space, leaving just enough room to walk to the little bathroom from which we could see the forest. Ow… did I mention that there was a tree going through the middle of the bathroom and piercing the rooftop? Pretty intense. The air was cool and I immediately asked for my favorite tea: Thé Kenscoff which is a mix of different plants boiled in water (yea because tea is always boiled in water. Sorry. That was my way of describing it). In the cool mountain breeze, there was nothing better than some calming hot tea to relax and enjoy this wild cabin of mine. There were no walls separating the room from the wild life so any insect could just fly in like it was no big deal. For some. this might be a creepy experience but I enjoyed it. Maybe because I just had visits from butterflies and fireflies.  But who knows what other insects come in this room on not so good days. haha

Let’s go through the Pros and Not so Pros of this experience:

rustik 1

Rustik 3

The wilderness

For me, it was a cool experience. The contact with the forest, the wooden floor, the tall trees… And everything, just like the rest of the place, was made of recycled items. We had empty wine and rhum bottles as decoration and I am pretty sure that the shower was also made of re-used items.

The insects might scare some people. If you are scared of bugs, make sure you bring some insect repellant with you.

Rustik 7

The comfort

The bed was pretty comfortable, the sheets were clean and a comforter was provided in case it got too cold at night.

Only thing is that the limited space is a little annoying sometimes because you have to move the bed a little in order to open the little bathroom door. Plus, the noises at night can disturb ones sleep.

The food

Because this is one of the most important points right? In the morning, eggs are served with bread and juice. (juice not included). I am not even exaggerating when I say that these were one of the best omelets I have eaten.

Rustik 11

The service

The manager Ricardo is simply great. He always makes sure everything is going OK for you no matter how late it is. Plus, we had the nicest lady for the room service. If ever you go there and spend the night, ask for Christelle. Not only is she nice but she honestly cares about your well-being. She’s one of those who deserve the tip.

The scenery

Haiti is also called Bohio or Quisqueya which means, land of many mountains. It is no secret that the scenery was charming and impressive. As we say here in Haiti : “Dèyè mòn gen mòn” Behind mountains, there are more mountains and this could not be more true. The view from the room was nice.

Rustik 8

You can enjoy a nice walk in the area

Rustik 2


Rustik 5

Buy raspberries or just hike through the mountains

Rustik 10

And guess what, you can even reach Seguin after a four hour walk. I heard such great things about this adventure! A group of friends and I will be trying it in about two weeks. Make sure you subscribe to my blog so you can read all about it in a few days!

If you are an adventure lover, I recommend the tree-house experience. Just make sure you bring warm clothes, insect repellant, ear plugs and an open mind.

Rustik 9


A travel lover



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