Things to do in Salvador de Bahia

Hello travel lovers!

I haven’t been bloging this past month but if you follow my adventures on Instagram, you know that I am currently in Brazil. Yes! Finally, I can check this off my bucket list. Actually… to tell you the truth, not sure I can check it yet. Brazil is so big! And even though I got to visit 4 different cities in 2 weeks, I still want to come back and see more of this beautiful country. My trip has been amazing and even though I still have 3 days left here, I feel like I could stay an extra week just to keep backpacking through this land of cultural diversity and delicious cuisine.

I intend on telling you more about Brazil and giving you tips in order to plan wisely but today I want to tell you all about Salvador: A city located at a 2 hours plane ride from Rio de Janeiro and that was founded by the Portuguese in 1549 and made the first colonial capital of Brazil, one of the oldest colonial cities in the Americas.It is the third most populated city after Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and is known for its incredible cultural heritage born from the intermarriage of ethnic groups such as: Native-Indians, Africans and Europeans. If you decide to visit Brazil, make sure you include Salvador in your list of cities to visit and make sure you:

Visit de Historic Centre of Salvador

The Historic Centre of Salvador was designated in 1985 a world heritage site by UNESCO. The colorful houses, the European looking narrow streets, the impressive churches and the little restaurants create a charming whole that makes you want to wander in the area all day. The buildings are old, giving the centre a colonial type of vibe. On week-ends, the streets come to live with food vendors, musicians, drums and afro dancing. It is truly a must see. Since 1992, the Pelourinho neighborhood has been subject to a nearly US$100 million ‘restoration’ that has led to the rebuilding of hundreds of buildings’ façades and the expulsion of the vast majority of the neighborhood’s Afro-descendent population. This process has given rise to substantial political debate in the State of Bahia, since the Pelourinho’s former residents have been for the most part excluded from the renovation’s economic benefits (reaped by a few). A major restoration effort resulted in making the area a tourist attraction.

The ambiance is great, the food is delicious, and the people are full of life. You can eat, dance and buy souvenirs. On week days, it is calmer, giving you the chance to wander peacefully in the streets and buy some souvenirs in the many shops and galleries. You can also seat on the outside tables of a restaurant and enjoy live Jazz bands while admiring the church and drinking some good Brazilian beer, wine or cocktail.


Eat street food

In Salvador,you will see many vendors either selling on the beach or the sidewalk. You will also see nice looking old and young ladies in white dresses selling. Stop by and have some Bahian food or grilled meat.


Spend a day at the beach

The most popular beach in Salvador is Barra. So most locals and tourists spend their time over there. However, one thing you need to know is that, 2 minutes from the main beach, there is a quiet beach where you can tan and swim in peace. I didn’t regret spending most of my time at the peaceful one. Even though the music and people make it fun to stay at the most popular beach, some time alone is always great. You can do activities such as paddling or watching the sunset!

You can lso visit other beaches and have some drinks at the little bars. Just get lost and see where the wind takes you.

There are other beaches you can visit like Flamengo beach (that I didn’t visit) about 1 hour away from the city. If you have time, you should check it out and let me know how it is!


Historical and cutural sightseeing 

From Mondays to Saturdays you can enjoy the folkloric ballet at the Miguel Santana theater. There are also many beautiful churches you can visit as well as old buildings.



None of the 4 cities I have visited in Brazil look the same. I absolutely loved my stay in Salvador.The majority of the population seems to be less fortunate than people in Rio but Salvador has been the one with the most vibrant culture. If ever in Brazil, take 3 days or 4 to visit Bahia. You wont regret it.

Can’t wait to share my experience in other cities with all of you!


A travel lover




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