5 Keys to feeling more emancipated and happy

A few weeks ago, I called someone at 10 PM and as she answered I went:

“Hey!!! How are you?”

She automatically replied laughing:

“Wow! You have all of this energy at 10 PM? I was just feeling discouraged because I have so much to do for school but you just lighten up my mood!”

I did not even make the connection between my mood and the time it was. People often tell me about how happy I look and how much energy I have. I know that I can be a little ball of fire sometimes but the more I pay attention to the type of energy I spread around me, the more I notice that it has more impact on others than I can imagine. I have realized that happiness and positivity are contagious. If you walk around with a black cloud, chances are, others will feel it. But if you choose to be happy, it will shine on the outside!

Truth is, I am not an expert at this and this post is just a list of things I personally think can help trigger a positive spirit and grow more happiness in your life. I have my meltdowns, I have days when anything can make me cry, I have days when I feel like killing a puppy (I know that is cruel), I have days when I’d rather stay alone than risking saying something mean to the people around me. I am human. But what I have learned through the years and mostly from my spiritual journey is to learn how to disconnect the person I truly am from what I may be feeling at a certain moment. I do not want temporary emotions or hormones to master my being. So I choose love, I choose joy and I choose self-control.

Here are things that can help you if you are on the journey to become better and happier (aren’t we all?)

1- Learn more about yourself

The human spirit is so complex. In fact, nobody can study your spirit but you! How crazy is that. No machine or test can examine your spirit. It is something that was given to you by the divine creator and therefore, it goes beyond your understanding. It is easy to go through life taking care of our physique, our degrees and neglect our spirit! If you don’t learn to get in touch with yourself, who will? You will forever be trapped in a body without knowing the spirit that keeps it alive. Getting to know yourself is the best journey of all.You will get to know what makes your spirit sing and that is a key to happiness

2- Do things just for you

I have always been the kind to sit at a restaurant alone and enjoy my food. When was the last time you did something just for yourself? Without asking yourself who you should or should not please? I encourage you to find something that makes you happy and to plan a date with yourself and do it! Whether it is cooking and watching TV in your apartment, going to the movies alone, writing, reading, traveling, do it! Cherish yourself or nobody will.

3- Take breaks

Be strict about your resting time. If it’s past 11PM and you still have work to do, love yourself enough to finish the next day. Love yourself enough to say NO to going out if you are feeling too tired. Love yourself enough to know your limits.

4- Protect your environment

Know yourself enough to know when some people are no good for you. “Energy doesn’t lie” If you have mixed feelings about someone, take the time to analyze why you are feeling this way and have the courage to walk away when God sends you the signs you asked for.

5- Be patient with yourself

You are and will always be a work in progress. Be patient with yourself. Respect your growth. I make mistakes. I mess up. But nothing will crash you more than staying on the ground. Have the courage to get back up ! Look at yourself in the mirror and say: ” I will make you so proud”. And you know what? You will…if only you don’t give up.

Don’t sweat the small things. In the picture below, I am covered in beach bug bites but I chose to smile back at the sun and smell the salty water. What are you choosing today?

What do you do to protect your peace and happiness? Share in the comment box below!


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