Benefits of traveling with close friends

I have been writing over and over again about the benefits of solo travels and how it can help you get out of your comfort zone and really discover yourself. And I will be praising it for a long long time. But today I want to talk about something different. While traveling in group can be a pain (different interests, difficult people and more) organizing long or short trips with a group of close friends is a great experience. I first realized how important it was after a trip to the Dominican Republic. We were about ten or twelve and it was one of the best week-ends ever. The highlight was at Cabarette when we were all laughing and eating the most delicious food I had had in a while at Papi restaurant. I realized “Man! This is a great time” At a stage of your life where many of your friends might be dating with the potential of getting married, I think it is important to solidify the bonds! Truth is, you might get stuck with them for a long time so might as well get along. I learned many things since I started to make this a priority

1-Traveling with close friends helps you actually know who your close friends are

Traveling with friends, whether it is to go abroad or just go to the beach that is 3 hours away is a great way to see each other’s personalitiies. You realize who geniunely wants to help out, who makes sure everybody is OK, who the funny one is (in my case we are all hilarious) and who is more difficult to deal with. It is a great opportunity to test friendships. The cool laid back person in the city might turn into a grumpy ogur while camping!

2- It helps you get to know personal details about one another

While being away, people tend to me more relaxed. It is easier to talk about some stuff while your feet are in the water with a beautiful sunset. Most of the time, people don’t take the time to listen to each other and they are surprised when months after they learn that their friends were going through a rough time. A getaway can help you guys share these little details that can make a wolrd of difference

3- It helps you be more comfortable around each other

Ever had that one person that is only your friend because you guys have a common friend? Well these group trips can help you guys break the ice! It is always important to be at ease with everybody. Even though I know it can’t be the same thing for everyone. We all connect more with some people than with others but the important thing is to never let it become awkward for no reason


4- You guys become a family

After living some stuff together, you guys become more like a family. My boyfriend’s boys come over just to bring some food or chill (or eat) and it is great! We all get along with each other super well and this is what family is all about.

5- You enjoy life more

Planning trips with close friends makes you enjoy the little things. It’s that feeling when everybody is laughing together, it’s building all of these inside jokes, it’s having pictures and videos that will always remind you of what an amazing time you guys always have together!

Have you ever traveled with close friends?


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