What happens when you choose not to conform to the system

Life, if you don’t be careful can become an organised machine, a system. wheter we are talking about beliefs, carrers, relationships or more, there wil always be a board with a list of ‘the way things should be’. And if you don’t learn to develop your wings and grow out of the box, you will never feed the courage in you to go outside of the norms. This particularly hit me, first, when I started traveling and when I graduated. Society (talking about the majority of people) are like robots programmed to behave a certain way and any attempt to jump beyond the barriers is seen as something extraordinary. While I do my best and try to stay out of a system, I have realized some pretty cool stuff about people who decide to do the same

1- They don’t settle for what you don’t LOVE

After graduation, I went to volunteer in India before starting to really search for a job. While people at my university were preparing their future months before the end of our last semester, only I and a few others wanted to explore the world. When my mom asked. “What do you want to do after college? Have you thought about it?” I replied: I want to travel. Needless to say she was not too satisfied with this answer. She wanted to hear something like “Well, I have been applying here and there”…but hey, I wanted to travel and I had already planned a garage sale that would help me bring some cash in and I made sure my family members sent me money for graduation, not some stuff I wouldn’t need. Then, when you come home (if you decide to travel a little or extensively) you have the pressure to find a job and start gaining some stability. Truth is, maybe not all of us love stability. Maybe some of us want to explore more in order to taste different things and know what it is that they LOVE. Maybe some of us rather be scacred but try then to settle because “It is the right thing to do”. I met a girl in Costa Rica who told me “I am traveling around. After each trip I plan on finding soemthign stable but after each adventure I am back on the road again…” (Full story in my next book coming out next year). So have you taken some time  to truly see what you want? If not I encourage you to think. Are you doing what you are doing because you are in a system or because you have personally decided to choose that path?

2- You will learn that true growth resides in flexibility

I have never really understood the 9-5 concept. Even if one day your work will truly begin at 11, you have to be here at 9 because…well, because it is the right thing to do and you can’t change that. Even if one day you are done with your work at 2, well…you need to stay till 5 because it is the system and you can’t change it. What I know for sure is that, being in this kind of system can sometimes lower someone’s productivity. True growth resides in the possibility to change things, to have the repsonsibility to fix your schedule. And as bold as this statement might seem, and even if I know that we need to first learn discipline in order to lead, I also think that we shouldn’t neglect the benefits of not feeling trapped. At a job interview, I asked the interviewer “How is the company when it comes to flexibility? Let’s say an employee needs to travel for XYZ reason, is it something that’s possible or do you only give a certain amount of days after a year…” (Like most company do). The interviewer answered: “Having this kind of system leads people to lie. We all need to go away sometimes, we are human and we all have different stuff going on so we try to be flexible in that sense to avoid having employees saying their grandma died instead of saying they have a trip coming up”. So even if you have a 9-5, always seek something new. See of you can go to your clients instead of staying behind the desk all day, try to see how you can grow and learn more. And if you don’t like it, look for something else. Your productivity won’t be the same after you realize that you hate your job anyways.

3- You explore more

Never stop wandering, Never stop wondering. Always ask questions! You don’t have to accept something you don’t understand. You can ask questions and look deeper into it. We all have the right to wonder “What if” and see what is hiding on the other side of things. When you travel, you understand the importance of looking at things from different perspectives and discover new sunrises.

4- You become more adventurer 

All Glory comes from the courage the begin. When you truly embrace your life, you will realize that every crazy thing you have tried was once something scary you wanted you were afraid to start. traveling alone for example or trying weird food… Even riding a jetski. But by letting your wild side out, you realize that you can do just anything you set your mind to.

5- You become more in touch with your inner self

“I have this problem. what should I do?” or “I have been slacking in my journey to get closer to God. Pray for me” said someone to me one day. “Your spiritual journey is something only you can decide to take. I can’t pray for you an magically make you close to God nor can I take something that has worked for me and give it to you like a formula. I can only help and be there” People always expect others to have their answers when in reality they should always thrive to develop their spiritual eyes and ears. When you realize that you are an individual capable of getting closer to your Creator, when you realize that you can travel alone and not feel lonely, when you realize that there is the courage in you to jump of a cliff, well… you will pretty much become more confident and seek growth for yourself without waiting on people to make it happen.

6- You don’t compare

Having this idea that things should be a certain way makes your life miserable. I see women panic because they are approchaing their 30s and have no babies or are not married so they settle and find a baby daddy instead of a real husband simply because they thought ‘it was time’. People don’t try to impress when they get out of the system. They understand that life is a journey and that to each its own should be a mantra.

What is it in your life that has started mechanically simply because it was ‘the right thing to do’? It is never too late to re-evaluate.


A travel lover

p.s: My next book The Travel Bug will be available in 2016.

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