7 Movies that will make you want to buy a ticket and leave

If there is something that can make you buy a ticket and leave besides reading abut traveling, it is watching travel movies! I remember understanding Eat Pray Love so much better after starting my travel journey. It’s like you get everything the traveler is living. Even the simplest thing will be this big deal to which you can relate so well because you’ve been there. You were the one wandering in the streets of Rome at some point, eating some gelato alone but not feeling lonely at all. It was you hiking through a rainforest to catch waterfalls. Watching travel movies is definitely something that will tickle the travel bug in you.


Eat Pray Love

I think I will never put that one off my list. Eat Pray Love, based on Elisabeth Gilbert’s true story talks about a woman who buys 3 plane tickets to travel the world after getting a divorce and realizing that she was not happy. Through the scenes you will find yourself eating in Italy, Praying in India and Loving in Indonesia. Eat Pray love is definitely one of these movies you watch with some pop corn, ice cream and a glass of wine under your blanket.

Warning: I heard the movie sucks after reading the book. Thank God I watched the movie first!



This movie about a 28 years old trouble young man falling in love with a girl half his age is a great story! Now before you can shocked and start filling forms against pedophily, I am begging you to watch the movie. Copenhagen, being one of my favorite cities so far, the movie took me back to those days where I was riding a bycicle in the streets of this beautiful city. Let me know what you think after watching it.


L’auberge Espagnole

Whoever studied or is about to study abroad should watch this movie. A French boy leaves for Barcelona and is about to live the adventure of his life when he moves in with other young adults from different nationalities


The Sisterhood of the traveling pants

Four girls, one pair of jeans. The Sisterhood of the traveling pants is the story of four childhood friends, all different but who are committed to staying close to each other. The movie will make you love summer even more, if it isn’t your favorite season yet.

into the wild 1

Into the wild

This movie based on the true story of Chris McCandless, a young graduate who leaves his life behind after graduation and travels across North America all his way up to Alaska. Chris chooses to leave family drama behind and pack his life in a bag and leave. This story will leave you speechless as you watch this young man break the rules, live like a homeless, meet the most out of the ordinary people to finally reach his destination for a dramatic ending.


Vicky Christina Barcelona

Two girls, a wedding, a sexy Spanish man, another girl…a total mess. Enjoy.

Under the Tuscan Sun

Under the Tuscan sun

If you love Eat Pray Love, you will enjoy Under the Tuscan Sun. This movie is like an old version of Elisabth Gilbert’s story. After a divorce this woman flies to Tuscany to escape her miserable life. She buys an old villa and starts a new life in Italian paradise.

Any movie you would like to add to the list? Share with me!


A travel lover

One thought on “7 Movies that will make you want to buy a ticket and leave

  1. 1. Leap year.!…after watching it I soo want to go to Ireland.
    2. Both The hobbit and Lord of the Ring…hiking through New Zealand highland anyone?
    3. Game of throne? Those kingdom really look epik and inviting…

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