The travel bug Preview


Here I was, on the floor of a Turkish airport, killing a 30 hours layover. There, I sat, watching. I was only 19 years old but I felt older. Not because I was wiser but because I felt from this moment that I had lived more than some people on their death bed. I was only 19 years old but I had found the strength in me to discover the unknown. I had become a girl with restless feet, eyes that sparkled, a heart that loved more, hands that wanted to try new things, the spirit of a gypsy with no fixed home…in fact, I now called the world my home. There was no such thing as time, or age or any of that. There were events, and places, and people, and life lessons. There was courage, faith, curiosity, compassion, love… Who controls time anyways? Time is just an illusion set by man. What truly grows the souls is the light that you let in by feeding it with little pieces of the world not an additional candle on a cake. On that Turkish airport floor, I gained 10 years. I didn’t get older. These years were made of magic and pixy dust. So I took my phone and started writing…

All different, but yet , still all the same. 

I can’t describe the way I’m feeling right now, sitting on the floor of the turkish airport. So many things have changed this year but it seems that it’s just a parallel, that everything is still the same on the other side. It amazes me, the diversity in the world, the similitude. I cant seem to put my finger on it but its something so complex and so simple at the same time. Looking at all these different people carrying their luggage to a different part of the world… Different skin color, different types of clothes, different languages…. But still the same. 

They say the world is small but sometimes we wonder what is the sense of all this. So many countries, seven seas. How come at the end it all seems so small? I feel like life has taken me on a new journey, one that will make me never see things the same. Once you realize what I have realized here, you never go back. And I will go back to my old life with different eyes.

 Still the same but yet…. So different. 

They say you must travel to many places in order to really see the world as it really is and not how you pictured it all your life in your little bubble. I always taught it was true but never realized how true until I started my little journey.

What is a life if unexplored? 

A life unexplored is not a life but just days between birth and death. I’ve learned that the best way to really know yourself is to take a moment to be away from everything you are used to. A new culture, new people, new landscapes, new everything. I realized that some of your words and actions can surprise you. You are no longer automaticaly influenced by your parents or the culture you grew up in, which made you believe it was also your own way of thinking. Its just you, your soul, your toughts.

Its like a different kind of freedom… A freedom for your mind, a little chance for your true self to completly come out. You dont change, you just embrace. Just a simple conversation with someone from another country can be a life changing experience. They can make you think about things that never crossed your mind before. The best part is, I fell completly in love with the person I am. Not different, just a better version of myself. True love starts within. 


The Travel Bug is being written one destination at a time and will be available in summer 2016 😉 Read, Enjoy, Share.


A travel lover

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