5 Things to eat in Costa Rica

We all know that one of the best parts of traveling is trying foods we never knew about! I am a foodie so sitting at a restaurant eating great, weird, delicious food is one of the ebst ways for me to enjoy my trip. Here in Costa Rica, I had the chance to eat some pretty good stuff. I wouldn’t say that it is the best foodie experience (can’t beat Italy and Thailand!) BUT overall I wasn’t dissapointed!



Un casado is just a way here of saying ‘a full meal’. Because Casado means somebody that is married, and they assume that a married man eats well thanks to his wife. Basically, un casado is a plate of meat (mostly chicken), rice, beans, plantains and salad! You can have other options as well. Just keep in mind that the casado is not a meal in itself but just a full plate. (2600 colons = $5)




This one has to be one of my favourites! Since I am a big fan of mixtures (like nachos), I was delighted to eat a chifrijo at a little costarican restaurant. It is a bowl of rice, beans, porc and porc sauce, little pieces of tomatos topped with more beans and chips! Can you say explosion of goodness ?! If you are not a mixture fan, this might seem a little too extreme for you but you should definitely try it! The size is pretty bigh and can definitely be shared. (3000 colons = $6) and if you split it in 2, its $3 each!

Tortilla con queso

Nothing too special about this one. It is a tortilla (that looks like a pancake) with some liquid cheese on top. You can also add some spicy sauce as you wish. It is not  a MUST TRY but it is definitely fulling! HGreat choice for travelers on a budget. (1000 colons = $2)

Helado colombiano


Colombian ice cream… ok ok I know I could’ve done that in Colombia but since I am not planning a trip there any time soon, this will probably be my chance to have some this year. Maybe I’ll find some in Brazil but You never know. I got a vanilla ball and a chicklete ball (gum flavour). It was a good experience, walking around eating it like a happy kid! (600 colons – $1)




Mamonchino has been an amazing discovery for me! It is a mamon but with a tiny kerel so you can fully enjoy the fruit itself!

If ever in Costa Rica, make sure you have these. Also, in Manuel Antonio, since everything is more expensive, I suggest eating at El Wagon and have there $10 pizza. It is worth it! I still have 2 days left in Costa Rica so I don’t know if I might try out something else but for now I am on saving mode and having bread and avocado for breakfast and I am planning to have my left overs of pizza later and just cook some cheap meat or fish with vegetables at the hostel tonight! Cheers to traveling on a budget!



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2 thoughts on “5 Things to eat in Costa Rica

  1. My favorite discovery in Costa Rica was the passionfruit smoothie (batido). The little cheap hostel restaurant down in the main MA area makes really good ones, if you’re still there and want to try it. Very refreshing on a hot day.

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