Vista Serena Hostel review

Buenos dias from Manuel Antonio (Costa Rica) travel lovers!  This was my view this morning sitting on a balcony eating toasts, drinking coffee (that’s a first) and staring at an amazing view of trees and the ocean. I arrived at Vista Serena Hostel last night and I have nothing but great things to say about it. Firstof all, I need to tell you that, if you are an adventurous traveler who wants to meet interesting people and respect your budget, you should ALWAYS pick a hostel instead of an hotel. Hostels are not only wayyy much cheaper but it allows you to share your room with other travellers, to meet people from all around the world and be friends for a few days. For me, staying at hostels have been the best decision when it comes to traveling (especially if you are traveling solo or in a very small group). Anyways, I will not spend too much time explaining the benefits of staying in hostels here. I will leave this for another post. Let me tell you why Vista Serena is a must of you visit Manuel antonio. Customer service When I arrived at the hostel, after stopping at the beach to catch the most amazing sunset I have ever seen, it was already dark. The guy at the reception was super nice and welcoming. I instantly felt at home. Customer service is so important! The welcome you get when you first step into yout hotel or hostel could determine the quality of your stay. The guy took care of everything for me with a smile. From walking me to my room to reserving my activities for the next day, everything was done with joy! Athmosphere        Many young people were chilling in hammocks, drinking beer, coocking in the kitchen or just using the wi-fi. It was a typical hostel scene. Everyhting felt so simple! It’s like everybody was living PURA VIDA , as they say here in Costa Rica. Everything at Vista Serena hostel will make you feel like you are living this wild, simple, happy life. Almost everything is made of wood, there are hammocks everywhere, the view is beautiful, the environment is pure, customer service is basically perfect for a hostel and it is not too far from the beach (5 min by bus). There are many choices of activities and the guy at the reception will take care of everything for you. You will meet many people who share the same passion as you and sharing yout traveling experiences together is a great way of building bonds. Price The stay is very affordable. After paying $14 for a night in 4 bed room, I picked up some brochures to choose my activity for the next day. Note that the 4 bed room WITH AC is $16. And I think that the most expensive room is $26 a night. But you can always check online to be sure. In the morning, you can simply serve yourself some bread, butter, jam and coffee as it is included in the price. You can use the public little kitchen, which is very cute and offers a view on the sea. Overall, I think that $14 a night is a fair price to pay! WI-FI My room, located in the building next to the reception didn’t have any wifi. If this is a problem for you, I suggest getting a room in the main building, where the wifi is very fast. Otherwise, just jump on a hammock on the balcony in front of the reception and use the internet and do other things while in your room. The rooms   The room is small but decent. Nothing facny of course but more than OK for a few nights on a tight budget. It had a fan and no AC (the 4 bed room with AC is $16/night). In my opinion, the weather was just fine so a fan was all I needed. Remember you can take like 2 buses with these $2 you will be saving! Bathrooms When it comes to bathrooms, there is only 1 bathroom in our flat. So 1 bathroom for  3 rooms of 4 people each. While this is not the ideal situation, I hadn’t experienced any problem so far. It seems that our schedules match perfectly and that there is never any traffic. Vista Serena is definitely worth it! While looking for hostels, I realized it was the one with the most (positive) reviews and these people were right! If ever in Manuel Antonio, please stop by! XOXO A travel lover

6 thoughts on “Vista Serena Hostel review

  1. Been to Manuel Antonio a couple years back, what a great time! I stayed in Wide Mouth Frog. It was cheap, and even had a pool, it was practically a hotel but called a ‘hostel’. The rooms were very simple, but I didn’t spend much time in there! Where are you going next in Costa Rica?


  2. wow cool for the quick reply! I think it was about $30, split with my gf, so $15 each. Safe travels! where are you going next? Do you travel for a living or are you heading back somewhere for a career/job? I ask because I’ve traveled a bit, but now in a 9-5 job so long-term trips are on hold. Though I am going to Montana for 8 days to see yellowstone in a few weeks.


    1. I am going back to Heradia to pack my bags. Ok Thats a fair price! Unfortunately I am not travelign for a living, however, I always make sure I find flexible jobs so I can travel at least twice a year! It is my first year as a professional but before I studied abroad through europe, went volunterring in Asia, went to Mexico. I just make sure I am always moving around! 🙂


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