5 Ways to kill an 11 hours layover

IMG_9620 Hello travel lovers!

I can’t even begin to explain how happy I am to be at an airport and letting my adventurous spirit see the light! I am observing people like crazy and of course I can’t help myself but notice “deep lessons about humanity” through these random airport scenes. You all know by now that that’s how I am. It has already been a year since I traveled to Asia! Can you guys imagine?! Time flies and what was once a reality becomes a memory. This morning I left Port-au-Prince (Haiti) and took a flight for Costa Rica for a week. WOOHOO! Needless to say, I am glad to be back on the road and do something different than local tourism. Only (Bummer) is….I have an 11 hours layover in Fort Lauderdale airport. Now, before you guys start to panic and get all excited, I need to tell you that back in 2013 I waited 30 hours in Turkey! And no I couldn’t go out and visit because I didn’t have a transit visa. Don’t judge me, I was just starting my travel journey. During those 30 minutes, I was cold, had to buy a shirt to avoid transforming into an iceberg, didn’t sleep well, couldn’t brush my teeth because I didn’t think about keeping a toothbrush with me…UGH anyways, the past belongs to the past. I have learned from my mistakes.

I am writing this post today, sitting at the bar of a Cuban restaurant, waiting on my flight to Costa Rica, which is in about 6 hours. I have been here since noon and you know what, I am enjoying every second of it. If you are someone who wants to travel for cheap, than you will probably have to face these long layovers. Simply because…most people are ready to pay more to avoid them. But I have little tips that will help you kill the time just fine if you are not interested in going outside of the airport.

1- Wear comfy clothes

Do not wear jeans or any type of clothing that will make you uncomfortable. I am wearing jogging pants, a shirt, a very comfortable jacket and keds. Well… let’s say that Keds or not very practical since you have to take your shoes off all the time but… it’s better than having your flip flops breaking. (Up to you guys). Wear something that will keep you warm enough and also that will allow you to stretch your legs.

2- Have a little toilet kitt

Have a little kitt with undies, a toothbrush, a mini toothpaste container, soap and  a hair brush. Staying for so long a an airport can make you lose your glam so having these things in your travel bag will help you stay fresh and energized while you wait.

3- Have as many distractions as possible

Keep a credit card in case you need to pay for the internet. This will be the time when Netflix will be a life saviour. Also bring a book if you like to read. Update your Ipod or whatever you use for music with your favourite songs. Have a list of great blogs you can read. I personally love travel and lifestyle blogs but there are tons of blogs for all tastes. In my picture, the blog I was reading was World Of Wanderlust . You can also have some games on your phone. I hate phone games. I think that everything that’s candy crush or angry bird related needs to be shut down. I don’t have any games on my phone and most people find it super weird. But that’s just me. I must admit that they can help you avoid boredom sometimes.

4- Bring some work with you

I am ONLY talking about the work that must be done now or the fun work. For me, it’s writing on this blog, which is pretty fun except that I am sleepy now from eating a little too much Cuban food. You can also take some notes for future work. I am analyzing airport scenes for my next book.

5- Try out a cool restaurant

Of course you saw that one coming. I just tried a cuban restaurant and it was pretty good. Apparently cuban restaurants in the USA have much better food than the food in Cuba. Hum interesting to know. If you are not alone, you can even try out some fruity cocktails or beer. (Boys, you can have something else :p ). This could be a fun thing to do and might help you sleep a little better on the plane. I will stick to water since I am alone and don’t want to fall asleep and miss my flight.

Remember, there is always an alternative to expensive tickets. Layovers are really not that bad if you plan ahead. And hey, the internet is an amazing tool, use it to communicate with people you love. And remember, if you are not up for the challenge, it is always possible to get an hotel room near the airport and get a beauty sleep. 😉


A travel lover

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