What’s in your travel bag?

Summer is just around the corner! Which means, trips are being booked, hotel rooms are being reserved and many people are staring at a world map wondering “Where to next?” While traveling can be the most exciting part of the year, a bad travel experience can be a party pooper. I will try to cover all the useful travel tips you might need in different posts this summer but today let’s talk about our travel bag! What to take with us and how to organize them?  Your travel bag is your baby. You will carry it with you during the trip so might as well organize it well!

First things first: The size

Your travel bag shouldn’t be too big nor too small. It should be a size that allows you to put all of your important things without being an annoying weight to carry. So before going for the prettiest bag in your closet, make sure you will be comfortable with the size.

Your important documents

Make sure your important documents like your passport, boarding pass, cards and more are easy to reach. You could buy a little case where all of them will fit and place it in the nearest pocket. Nobody likes to have to take out everything and get a mini heart attack just to find their passport!

Your wallet

Don’t mix travel documents with the wallet. It is better to keep attention off of you. No need to take out all of your money just because you need to show your boarding pass. To be safe, keep your wallet deep inside your bah and just keep $20 in your pocket.


Are you prepared for the plane ride and layovers? Make sure you grab something interesting like a book! You can download a movie on your phone or even take a notepad to write a little!

Just in caseS 

What I call “just in caseS” are things that could save your life like tissues, contact lenses case, hand lotion, toothbrush and even underwear!

Let’s all pack smart this summer!!!

Until next time


A travel lover

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