Girls getaway in NYC! What to plan?

We all know that Girls just wanna have fun! Last year, in September 2013, my girls and I planned a trip to NYC for one of my besties’ 21st birthday. While two of them already lived in NYC and one was already in NY before going to Michigan, 2 others and I had to take the bus from Montreal. It was the first time in almost 4 years that we would all meet again after the earthquake in 2010! Can you imagine? We had all seen a part of the group here and there but we never got to be all together at the same place, at the same time. No need to say I was over excited. We had planned everything we would do, the places we wanted to visit and all. To picture our time in NYC, think: sisterhood of the traveling pants who meet sex in the city women with a sparkle of gossip girl. Just to say that we were a group of crazy, over excited, mature but not too responsible young ladies. Yes…big explosion! This was one of the best moments. My girls and I have been friends for years now. Some, I have known since elementary school, others in high school but we are still close till now and I hope that this is something that will never change. In November 2013, I went back for a mommy-daughters trip with my mom and sister. This definitely showed me that NYC is a great place to have some fashionista girl time. Here is a list of 6 things you can do to make your trip memorable.

1- Brunch!


Food is the way to the heart. This, we know for sure. However, we often can’t decide whether we should go out for breakfast, lunch or diner. Brunching is the solution for a quality time with your girls. Perfect combination of breakfast and lunch. Nothing like a solid meal with unlimited sangria and mimosa. While we were in NYC, we went to Piquant restaurant . When we arrived, it was  around 2:30 pm and we learned that the unlimited sangria and mimosa would end at 3:00 pm! Don’t panic..we managed this situation like PROs. The decor was nice. You can either stay inside or go outside for some fresh air. Check it out if ever you are in NYC!

2- Sightseeing



During my mommy-daughters trip, we visited the empire stated building, the statue of liberty and  walked around the city. This is a great way to see around and spend quality time with your besties or family. You will be able to discover and buy souvenirs! Take out your camera, put on a little hat and wander on!

3- A little intellectual activity


OK let’s say that was our idea of learning new things. The museum of Sex, just like the name indicates is a museum where the topic is presented in different forms: documentaries on animal reproduction, books, posters etc… Again, this makes us think about the place that sex took in the world of business. While you can learn many things at the museum, the majority of the expositions are purely commercial, using people’ weakness to make some cash!

If you ask me now where you should go for some intellectual activity, I suggest: The Empire state where you can learn some history or the statue of Liberty even tho I have been disappointed by its size

4-Spa time

I didn’t get to go to the spa during these trips but I consider spa dates as being a great activity! If you have the possibility, book a massage with your girls, relax a little. I am sure your feet will be sore from all the walking! 😉

5- Broad way show


Yes we did that! My mom, sister and I were about to go back home with the tour bus that took us to the empire state when we saw that Annie was playing on broadway in a few hours! So we booked 3 tickets 🙂

6- Street food madness

Hot-dog, Pretzels, meat and more. Don’t be afraid to let your inner monster out. Just know you will hit the gym when you leave. NYC’s street hot dogs are the bomb but not quite at the level of the ones I had in Copenhagen!!! No hot dog can beat that. But in New York, you will have the opportunity to taste some yummy goodies just on the sidewalk





Nothing like some girl time! It is always necessary from time to time. If you plan on visiting NYC with your girls soon, I hope you will make the best out of it and cherish every moment.



A travel lover


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