Why Costa Rica?

Summer is right around the corner! If any of you love summer just half the way I do, I bet you are super excited! Summer is my favourite season. As they say...drinks get colder, music gets louder, life gets better! As you can imagine I am already getting ready for a summer trip. At the end of July I will be heading to Costa Rica! The land of PURA VIDA. I am thinking about the hat I will buy, the pictures I will take, what I will experience, how I will kill time during my long layover and more. But before we get into these details (that I will talk about in other posts) let’s discuss why I chose Costa Rica.


1- Because it is the land of La Pura Vida

Costa rica is known as being one of the most preserved land in the world. Everything is so pure over there: the forests, the water etc… This summer I want to experience what it is like to breathe some fresh air, see green everywhere and reconnect with nature on another level

2- The volcanos

This year, I want to see things I have never seen before and volcanos are part of the list! Yes I am excited about the waterfalls, the zip-lining and the whole trip in general but it is always nice to add something you’ve never done so you can clearly see the value added on your life and knowledge

3- I have a free shelter over there

Even tho I would still go without this, I have to share the reason behind it all. I have recently reconnected with a friend from high school as she helped me out for some revision of my book Daughters and Sons of The king. While discussing, I learned that she lived in Costa Rica now! So the next minute, I was on the internet checking out ticket prices! Yes I am crazy like that! And with some time and determination I found a way to get a relatively cheap ticket! (Will tell you all about it in another post). So here I am with a ticket for Costa Rica!

4- I will be put out of my comfort zone

Since I am in no way fluent in spanish, I want to test myself. I have a little book I will start using soon to practice and I can’t wait to be in a country where I won’t always understand what they are saying. For some reason, I am always avoiding spanish but this year, I have decided to face it. By the way…I should start practicing Portuguese soon…My trip to Brazil is slowly but surely approaching!

5- It will be my first time in Central America

I am always down to expand my horizons. With North America, Europe, North Africa, South East Asia, The middle east and the Caribbean partly covered, it is time to put my feet on new grounds! And I am pretty excited about it!

I hope you guys are ready to see awesome pictures from my trip! You can follow my adventures on Instagram or here on the blog! Where are you heading this summer? If you don’t have any plans, please pick up a world map and see where your pockets and mind want you to go. Even if you are staying home, what can you visit locally? Think about it. Let’s live a life full of adventures together!


A travel lover


5 thoughts on “Why Costa Rica?

  1. Love your blog because I too am hoping to go to Costa Rica this summer by myself and without Spanish! Best of luck!


  2. Ah genial! Quand comptes-tu y aller? De mon cote, je serai en Europe (Angleterre, Suisse, Italie, France et Allemagne) Les voyages embellissent l’ame donc j’ai super hate. Bon ete je te souhaite! 🙂


  3. I have traveled here twice and I never do that. Each time I had a blast, the second was a gift to my 13 year old daughter. She loved it. Read my story @ladyrespect under Beautiful country….. Ugly people!

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