The importance of finding your Happy Place



The sensation of disconnection we get from traveling teaches us something:

Life gets busy. As we evolve, we get more responsibilities and our agenda gets fuller and fuller.

What I’ve learned is that not all busy is the good kind of busy. When busy becomes draining, it is time for some detox and relaxation. This is when we wonder : But where do I go? And what do I do?

This is when you need to know what your happy place is. Your happy place is somewhere that allows you to:

1) Disconnect

When you realize that you can’t help others if your own batteries are not charged, then you will understand that placing your happiness and self-carebefore  the needs of others for a while is not selfish. Many things in life will ask energy from you. Work, school, family, relationships, writing, reading and the list goes on. A happy place is a place where you can distance yourself from all of this and just BE. Not be you AND your family or you AND your laptop to work but just you. Now take some time to think: “Where do I feel like I have my own space?” Take some time to answer that question and go to that happy place. Don’t neglect your spirit telling you that it needs time apart. It could be a solo trip, a retreat, a getaway to a beach house, a little studio… Close your eyes and think: “When I think about disconnecting, where do I see myself?” The answer is there, on the inside of you. What you will see with your eyes closed means something.

2) Reconnect

Disconnecting is just a way of REconnecting. Reconnecting with what truly matters. In our routine, we carry things that are not necessary. We get upset about things that don’t matter, we stress about minor issues… All of these things represent a weight we don’t have to carry. Even scripture says that we get nothing by worrying (Matthew 6) and often we get tired because we unconsciously carry what is meant to be given to God and treated with the wisdom of thr Holy Spirit. Your happy place should help you reconnect with what truly matters. When I am at the beach, I realize by watching a sunset that this is enough to take some stress away. I reconnect with nature and my soul automatically remembers what matters and what doesn’t. Think about a place that will show you happiness in simple forms. Where is that place?

3) Feel

The problem is that we forget to FEEL. We don’t breathe the moment IN. So when all the accumulated emotions want to come out, it explodes in a way that is unhealthy and does not help us detox all of your stress and bad energy (or lack of energy). Take the time to find a place that will remind you that each moment needs to be felt. And that sometimes, we just get ONE chance ar feeling the present moment!

My happy place is the beach! Where is YOUR happy place???


A travel lover

P.s: My second book THE TRAVEL BUG will come out in summer 2016!


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