3 Signs you are afraid of traveling and how to concquer them

Most of us want to travel. We all want to be able to discover more, do more, see more and move more. However, not all of us actually go for it. As many might think, the financial means is not the main obstacle. My observation tells me that the number one factor keeping you from traveling more is fear. Let’s face it. With enough courage, you will be able to go beyond certain limits and find a way to make money. But also, facing your fear will eliminate many excuses you used to push back your big trip. If you’ve been “planning” on traveling for a while now but have failed to do so, here is a list of signs that you are just afraid:

You  are a Pro at finding obstacles before they even exist


Sounds familiar? You think more about the “What If” than trying to make it happen. Before even having any obstacle, you calculate in your head every single thing that could keep you from traveling. Truth is, you might be so scared that you find comfort in the thought that you might actually have to cancel.

To concquer this, think that you will Always have an occasion to chicken out. ALWAYS. So, are you going to pass on every opportunity you have because it scares you? Are are you going to go for it, face your fear, and have more courage the second time?

You think that if nobody is going, you can’t go

You find yourself dreading the idea of going alone. You are always looking for someone to go with you. And if they can’t… Well you think you will go another time.

Waiting on others is a killer for any thing you really want in life. People all have their own dreams, paths and aspirations. Just like you can’t expect others to have the same business vision as you do and be as passionate as you are, you can’t make others share your enthousiasm for the adventures that make your heart pump! You need to know that if you really want to go on this adventure, if you make it happen, you will have every resource you need waiting for you there. Go and start your adventure!

You always avoid going “Too far”

You don’t want to go to Europe from America because it’s so far away… You rather go on your little cruise to the Bahamas or go to another city of your home country.

 While there is nothing wrong with this if you are doing it because you want to visit the Bahamas for example, the problem is when you do it because you are afraid. You will know the difference. In order to concquer this, take a minute to meditate about how small you are in this world. Just close your eyes and realize this. It won’t matter whether you are in the Bahamas or in Norway! It will NOT matter at all. You are not going on another planet. You are still here. You are still a part of this earth and wherever you choose to go, as long as there is no war or epidemy going on there, you ARE ok. It IS ok.

Know that everything you want to experience is at the other side of fear. The ziplining, octopus testing, skydiving, waterfalls, cliff jumping…. All of it. So I hope this post will make you hold your breath and book your ticket. I hope that you will live this life to the fullest and that you will have crazy, passionate, one of a kind adventures!


A travel lover

P.S : My second book THE TRAVEL BUG is coming out in summer 2016! 



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