Balanier : Haïti’s little paradise

Before going to the core of the subject I want to clarify something. The place everybody thought was called Bananier is actually called Balanier ! Yes I know… I was surprised too. Now whether you are a local, an expat or simply a tourist visiting Haïti, I am sure you are looking for an exotic, natural experience. Am I right or am I right? First of all I am excited at the idea tat my blog can help you an any way in your research process. Hopefully, you will have a fun time thanks to my advices.

Here is the guide to a one of a kind experience:

Assuming you are coming from Port-au-Prince, head south. It is approximately a 2 hours drive from the capital city.

Drive to Grand Gôave. If you want a complete experience, you can go all the way to Ti Gôave, which comes right after Grand Gôave and buy some Dous Makòs. After the traditional stop, you can drive back to Grand Goâve and start looking for this sign saying “Bienvenue à Le Galant” 

Once you get there, you can go to one of the hotels of the area and ask if the have any boats going to Balanier. We did better than that! Our friend of ours contacted this guy who lives in the area and who organizes tours on his boat. Not only was I impressed by this guy’s way of living but he really reminded me that success is truly defined by doing What heart soul pumps for. As simple as that. He left the stated and then busy Port-au-Prince to come live in Grand Gôave and do something that he does well AND that gives him a purpose in life. He welcomed us to his home and treated us as guests.

You could see his brother, nephews and kid eating on the balcony. Like a capture from the 70s in Haïti


While you wait for the boat to be ready, it is time to take out the drinks and everything you will need from the car. On the beach, they will show you how your diner is made. They cook the conch and fish right before your eyes! This makes the experience so much more fun! You get to sit and relax while they put gas in the boat and you get to learn and eat too! If this isn’t close from perfection …





After exchanging some ideas, it was time to hop on our boat! We got so excited!



Music blasting, wind in your hair and some beer with aspectacular view. And guess what? If you get lucky, you can see dolphins! We were not so lucky this time but my friend (in pink) saw them the last time she visited. It will take you approximately 30 minutes to get to Balanier. Then… The magic happens


Balanier makes you feel like you just reached a paradise in the middle of the ocean. The water is actually so blue that you can see the fishes making wholes in the sand! Beautiful. I saw one little white and yellow one swimming around. Hundreds of trees bring a sensation of purity to the decor. And just when you think things can’t get any better… you jump in the water, and not only  it is warm but you can feel the sand melting between your toes! Pure bliss. Surrounded by paradise on one side and by the ocean on the other, life can’t get any better than this. Oh wait…it can…it’s time to eat the rest of the lanbi they cooked for us on the beach! So while your toes are smiling because of the sensation of the melting sand, your belly is also satisfied! Talking about a win win situation!

You can spend 2 to 3 hours there depending on your schedule. But if you get the chance, I advise you leave Balanier at 5:30 PM. Why? Because you will get to witness one of the most beautiful sunsets. While were on top of the boat, our feet swinging with the wind, you could feel the ocean moving beneath us when we looked down. However, when we looked at the pink sky, it felt as if time was frozen, like nothing was moving. Then, as we looked back, we could see the boat separating the dark blue waters abut also, the sun saying goodbye as it was getting down between two green mountains. everything was so perfectly synchronized that it seemed like we were in a perfect painting. This was one of these moments that you can’t capture with a phone because it won’t do it any justice. These moments that remind you that some things can only be lived and seen with our own eyes. These moments that remind you that life is beautiful in all that it is, that even when things are not perfect, life still is somehow.

When we finally arrived to the house it was time to eat our fish, freshly prepared for us. Every good thing (just like every bad thing) must come to an end so this was the end to a wonderful day. It was time to drive back to port-au-Prince and get ready for the week ahead. As they say:

A Sunday well spent brings a week full of content!

If ever you are in the area, please make sure you experience this little paradise


A travel lover


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