5 Ways to secure and manage your money abroad you might not know about

 Let’s face it, traveling can be a pain if managing and worrying becomes the main focus. I’ve learned from talking to different travellers and from doing my homework that there are many different ways to make money a not so worrying matter while abroad. From the  time my wallet got stolen in Italy to the time when my card didn’t want to process the transaction in order for me to pay for my visa to Dubai, I can say that money and credit cards can pretty much become party poopers. And we don’t want that do we?

So how do we, adventurers can put money on the back of our head and focus on more important things like… Having fun!?

First things first, do your homework. Is it most likely to get robbed where you are going? Is it easy to change currencies? Is it easy to make online transactions from this part of the world? These are all questions you should ask yourself. Now, I am far from being a professional but I am here to share what I think could help you. As we all know, blogs are simply a way of sharing what we think is the truth. So here it goes. I will share some tricks and apps with you so handling money abroad becomes easier.


1- Download the square application on your smartphone

Square is a Free app that can save your life especially if you have your own business. It allows you to make transactions from your phone and is directly linked to your bank account. So no more stressing over sending money, no more worrying about fees! You just enter the card number or swipe it in the little white cube that gets shipped to your house for free when you download the app and that’s it, the money is in your bank account. It can get stressful to manage transactions abroad but apps like this make the process so easy and fast! Talking about still being able to work while vacationing!
2- Download the Xapo Wallet app on your smartphone

While these 2 tricks might seem similar, The Xapo wallet lets you manage your money when you want and where you want. All it takes is the click of a button, the sending of an email or the swipe of your Xapo Debit Card. It allows you to easily access your money and pay everyday expenses. This app makes it easier to save, spend and transfer bitcoins from the convenience of your phone! In case these terms are not familiar

It allows you to purchase items internationally without worrying about exchange rates or fees! Not many people know about them but I advise you go check out the app!

3- Download Tripit app

Tripit is an app I dowloaded today! It is litterally connected to your email and tracks whatever reservation you have (hotels, flights, car rental) and organizes them in one place. I tested it today on a free trial and trust me, it is smart. However, after a 30 days free trial you get charged $49 per year so my advice if you are not a frequen traveller is to enter your card information and use it right before your trip, then cancel is as you wish


4- XE currency app

Save yourself the trouble of going on google to find out how much your dollars pounds gourdes or whathever else are worth! This app even give you details about what the currency looks like and even works offline! Download it now.

5- Travel with a credit AND a debit card

If this is obvious to some, it wasn’t to me! What do you want… I wad an amateur and I still am. The difference is that now, I have more experience that’s all and I also do more ressearch. Not only is it important to have 2 different credit cards from different banks but having different types of cards is also necessary. Why? Because it gives you less stress and plan B C & D !

These are tricks that I have discovered by reading other blogs, by using google and asking around! As I said it is all about doing your homework before getting on the road. So read blogs, explore the internet, test the apps. You will be just fine and your bank account will thank you later!

Do you have any tips about ways of handling money abroad? Share with me.


A travel lover


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