5 mistakes to avoid when you start your travel journey

In 2013, I got bit by the travel bug. While traveling in Europe, I got slapped in the face when I’ve realized that life isn’t truly fulfilled until you start exploring this planet. Little Ann-Sophie became Little Miss Explorer and is now beautifully infected by this poison that won’t let her stay still. And to be honest, this is EXACTLY how I want to live my life! I feel like this vagabonde soul whos feet won’t rest until she has explored as many places as possible. Now, I am always planning an adventure, saving up money, writing on my travel blog and encouraging people to take the leap of faith. Boy I love it! But I surely wish I knew some of the stuff I know now when I started collecting all of these stamps on my passport! But you know what they say

You live and you learn

So here I am writing this post hoping you wont make the same mistakes.

1- Not taking pictures of yourself

When I first started traveling I took tons of pictures! Pictures of  the Eiffel tour, of narrow streets, of landscapes. But I am barely in one of them. It’s mostly because back then, I was far from imagining that I would start a travel and inspirational blog and that I would actually need more of pictures of myself. I am thr kind who loves to take pictures of places and others but who doesn’t always want to be in the picture. Simply because I thought that the picture should show what you want to show. I was wrong. As a travel blogger you will connect more with your readers and followers if they can connect to yoi and actually see YOU living these adventures instead of seeing a landscape on a photo

2- Rely on cash/Only have 1 credit card

When I went to Europe, I only had 1 credit card and cash! Big mistakes. I realized this when my wallet got stolen in Italy! No more credit card. If you want to travel safe, not only will you neef to avoid putting all of your eggs in the same basket, but you will need 2 versions of important tools like credit cards. We always think that things can’t go wrong until they do but good news is, you can limit the risks!

3- Not documenting your travels

You think you will remember everything but you won’t. Have a journal or write notes on your phone. You might become a travel blogger or journalist later on! Keep records of the restaurants you visit and places you see, people’s names and how you felt. Write them down

4- Spending too much money

There are probably tons of things you don’t know now but you will learn them along the road. But let me try to save you some trouble. Book more hostels than hotels. Stay in houses when you can, cook diner with foreigners, buy some stuff at the supermarket… At first, you might be hesitant about some things but if you want to be a real traveller, you will need to know these tricks in order to save money! Make friends with the tuk tuk driver and maybe he will show you around for cheap, get his number, just in case you need him in the future. Don’t spend money just because you have it.

5- Not thinking about mini containers

This one is a classic! You pack your bags and go to another country for 6 months but you forget that you will probably travel to different cities and you won’t want to bring your big lotion bottle. In fact, you will only want to bring a travel bag, not a suitcase. So what do you do? Bring small plastic containers for lotion, toothpaste, perfume, listerine and more! Thank me later.

These tips might seem pretty basic but trust me, as a travel rooky you will need to read this list!


A travel lover

Can you think of any other tips? Share in the comment box bellow!


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