Staring at the beauty of my King

Press Play

Sitting on a wet rock, getting my butt all humid and cold, I am staring at the waves. I woke up to their song this morning.


I did some stretching and tried to tighten up my abs on a slippery mattress. Then I just came on this wet rock, listening to “Wonder”, staring at God’s wonder. I saw the fishermen starting there day, little crabs walking on the wet wood. And I started telling myself

You are beautiful in all your ways


What lesson I’ve learned from this? Everything is a wonder. Big, small… Still a wonder. YOU are a wonder. Open your eyes and realize how beautiful the world is. Everything around you has the power to make you smile if you look close enough. And if you your heart aches and you don’t feel like you can smile, look closer. Just like the waves still kisses the shore no matter how many times they are pushed away… So does the love of our Creator. There is always something beautiful to be found, to be felt, to be heard. The sand on your feet, the sun on your skin, the sound of the waves, the love you share.

All wonderful


A travel lover


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