Why you should do something crazy this year


At the end of 2014, most people were sitting on a couch making new years resolutions. Thinking about what went well in 2014 and what didn’t go so well. The champagne popped and the fireworks made some noise and time… Well it did what it does best, pass. We are now starting the 4th month of the year and some of us are thinking: Now what?

It is easy to get frustrated because nothing exciting is happening, because we need some kind of bigbang to happen in our lives and transform our boredom into euphoria! But truth is…

You gotta create your own adventures

Here are 3 reasons you should do something crazy asap:

1- Time doesn’t wait

Wake up! We are already in April! Yes I know… Scary. Time passes by and the crazy things you want to do are just waiting for you do just do them. Stop wishing your days away and start planning how you are going to MAKE your life more exciting. If you want to take a trip to Bali this year, start saving up it’s not too late and start looking for some juicy deals. Keep the dream alive because as time goes by, you might let fear discourage you. Stay pro active and create your adventures.

2- You shouldn’t waste yourself

The things you are the most passionate about are not a coincidence. They are part of who you are. In the deepest parts of your soul, there is a reason why these things keep coming back to you. So if you, the creature supposed to bring these things to life, is ignoring them, who will be able to write your story?

3- The world is too dang beautiful

We all have this tendency to look for fulfillment in the wrong places. We make efforts for things we don’t want, we try to please people we don’t care about, we get mad for things that are not really worth our time and we spend precious hours wishing we had this and that. I’ve learned that happiness is what you make of it. And most of the time, going out of your routine WILL seem crazy. But if you would only go for the craziness, step outside of what is conventional and listen to what your soul is hungry for, you will find that state of euphoria you are seeking!

So if you are reading this now, I am sure there is something tickling on the inside of you. Something that woke up after reading these lines. If that’s you, why not do that crazy thing this year? Why not see what hides at the other side of fear? See, everybody has dreams… Everybody. But you never asked yourself why not everybody actually LIVE their dream? Because it is not the easiest thing to jump! Because thinking that our dream is actually possible scares us. We can think it but we don’t think we can live it!

Why not jump in 2015?


A travel lover

P.s : My 2nd book THE TRAVEL BUG is coming out in 2016!


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