Where to NEXT?

Where to next?

“Where to next”

This is a question any traveller asks himself after a trip. “Where can I go next? I need to start saving up? When will be my next adventure?”. I believe that the way our mind is set up as adventurous souls, is a perfect match of how life itself is constantly changing. What means the world to you now might not tomorrow and each season of your life is chapter that will eventually need to be closed. Not because it didn’t mean anything but because sticking to this chapter only shows us a portion of the book. Yes we might have to go back to this chapter in order to understand the book more but…the story continues.

Why is it so important to ask ourselves: “Where to next?”

Because it helps you prepare for the next season of your life. Like a creole song that I love a lot says:

“Si mwen pati, se pou chèche lavi”

It means: If I leave, it’s to find LIFE

It’s that feeling you get before a big trip. You know that you are a plane ticket away from things you’ve never seen before, people you’ve never met before, sensation you never knew existed. And despise the feeling of fear and anxiety that will mostly kick in, you find yourself boarding the plane, stepping into this new step of this wonderful thing called “Your life”. When you know it is time to move to another chapter, you just know because you reach a stage where there is not much room for evolvement, where you feel stuck. Just like after an exhilarating trip, where you feel like you just wrote a whole chapter in your book of life but get hungry for more, so it is when you want to step into a new level.

I remember taking a deep breath before leaving for Finland for six months. I remember my heart pounding and the feeling of suffocation that lasted about 10 minutes when I thought about how far away I would be from home. But I also remember this thing on the inside of me telling me that this was the next chapter of my life. And this alone gave me the boldness to face my doubts and board!

Always be on the look out for your next adventure. Do more than just exist. Always seek that little feeling on the inside that makes you sure that you are stepping into another kind of greatness. As a traveller and as a student of life, you need to train your mind not to be afraid of the unknown but to seize every opportunity and turn in into an epic adventure.

I reached my goal saving money for a plane ticket to Brazil! Now, I am not only planning my trip and saving some more money for the other expenses, but I am also thinking about where I want to go next year!!! Costa Rica? Vietnam? Indonesia?….. Remember the world is a book. Don’t stay stuck on the same chapters. Also remember that today is sunday! The week ahead might have many hidden opportunities, many people might be on your path for a reason, things might not go as you planned but are you ready to embrace it all? Are you ready to move forward and ask boldly: “What’s next life?”


A travel lover

P.S: My second book “The travel bug” is being written this year. Make sure you follow me so you know when it comes out!


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