Should I put my life on pause and travel the world?

The big question that many people are asking themselves! Many people die of envy to travel the world but when the time actually comes to take the leap of faith, what holds them back is the amount of ‘responsibility’ they have back home. “How will I be able to leave this…and that” I am no expert in traveling full-time put I’ve learned some valuable lessons during my travels.

If there is one thing that most passionate travellers have in common, it is…passion. Passion is the drive you feel on the inside to focus on that one thing that makes your earth pump and give yourself to it 100%. it is the feeling I get saying “Oh crap what am I doing?…But it feels so right” when I am on a plane alone traveling to a country where I don’t know anybody!

Now, passion is something that most people are looking for, like this hidden treasure. But what they fail to realize is that, passion reveals itself to them when they are in an environment that will allow themselves to be stretched and sculpted. If you are in a phase right now where you wonder if you should pause everything and leave for a relatively long period of time, here are some things you need to know:

1- You don’t need  a reason to leave…just no reasons to stay

I love to elevate people. Funny how, most of the time, people come to me saying they feel this void on the inside. They often feel like something is missing. They don’t necessarily put a name on that thing that is missing but they just know that something is. This is when my: “Why don’t you take a trip alone” advice comes into play. Traveling is often the time you will get to reflect alone on some aspects of your life. You will get to be alone with yourself and get a sense of clarity. You will get time to devour a delicious meal alone, to pray, to swim in unknown water, to figure out how to take a bus to another city…to read, to smile alone, to take notes… It is such a breath of fresh air and if you can’t figure out why you want to leave, just ask yourself if you have any reason to stay! Everything you leave behind will be there when you come back. Go

Post TMT

2-  Having this desire in the first place means something

Nothing you think about or envision is a coincidence. If your brain can conceive it, you can be sure that life will give you the tools to make it come true. Just like my vision of being an influence for the youth led God to give me resources to write a book! If you think about traveling, you can do it. Even if you are not ready now, getting ready is part of the process. You can’t expect results with no grind!

3- Trust that the answers can be found on the other side

We are a product of the environment that raised us until the day we stretch outside of it to see what we can really become! Believing that you can be successful sometimes requires that you separate yourself from your family’s mentality and habits. Maybe you were not raised in a wealthy family but leaving where you are to walk towards where you want to be requires a mentality and environment change. If you don’t feel complete where you are, leaving for a while will bring answers because you will be in a different environment. It might make you realize that you need to do things differently or might even change the way you see your circumstances! You will never know until you go.

pos TMT 2

4- Traveling is not putting your life on pause!

Of course it’s not! Traveling is the start of a journey. You might even realize that you never started living in the first place. Your job, your habits are not your life! Your life is a sum of the decisions and risks you take, the things you see, the people you meet, the sensations you get from doing something new, the interactions, the moments that make you reflect on who you are and why you are here…. So pausing the things you do now is not pausing your life. It is actually LIVING IT!

5- This world was made so we could explore it

Until you have been put out of your comfort zone, until you have been exposed to certain reality of other countries, until you’ve realized that your way doesn’t mean the only way, you will only have a small idea of who you are. Just like you need to touch to many things to discover your skills, seeing the world helps you detect the things your heart beats for! It also helps you detect the ones that leave you empty.

So start planning so the transition can be done smoothly. Don’t rush and quit unless you have the reasons to. Start preparing your leave about 6 months to a year in advance (Don’t wait too long). Pack light because you might realize that the stuff you brought from home are not really what you should wear at the other side of the world. Take a map, study, open your mind, open your heart, take notes. You might come back with the revelation of your life!


p.s : This year I start writing my 2nd book “THE TRAVEL BUG” Be sure to follow me so you know when it comes out!


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7 thoughts on “Should I put my life on pause and travel the world?

  1. If traveling would be putting your life on pause… then I would’ve been on pause for a long time, instead I think my life actually started for real when I decided to leave Sweden and travel the world! Such an amazing experience. Love this post and the photos, are they yours?? x


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