Take the ‘top’ off today


Last week-end, my friends, boyfriend, family and I went to the south of Haïti for 3 days.It was the perfect time to really have a good time away from the capital and enjoy my friends company before they go back to Canada.

Funny how the simple moments of life bring valuable lessons. During our stay, some bad news brought us closer. We talked about so many things, we cried, we laughed. You know these moments when everybody pours their heart out? And it got me thinking… we should express ourselves more often. Most of the time, when we talk about fear, we think about the fear of accomplishing something, fear of failing… but what about the fear of saying how we feel? This little ball we feel on the inside when it comes to saying ‘I love you’ ‘You mean a lot to me’ to people we are not used to saying it to. It’s easy when it comes to a lover but sometimes it’s more difficult to say it to our friends. If I learned something these past days, it is to say it when you feel it. I know that it is important to think positive but I also think that you never know when you are seeing someone for the last time.

Be fearless with your feelings just like with any other thing in life. The picture above illustrated perfectly the way I see fear. In the picture, you can see us throwing our bikinis away. I know some must be thinking: “How does this illustrates fear?” I’ve always dreamed of swimming naked at a desert beach. I dreamed of this sensation of freedom in the water. It is something I consider as a big part of happiness. Might seem weird to some but this is just ME. This week-end, at the beach, the girls and I found a spot away from the crowd and we all started to talk about the feeling of swimming free in the water. We were far enough so nobody would see us but when the time came to throw the tops away we worried a little that someone would see us. Even though people would only see our backs anyways, we still had the illusion that someone could randomly walk by. But then, we decided that it would be a waste to pass on this occasion just because of an illusion. So there we were, on this little island away from all worries, throwing it away.

For me, this is the case for many things in our lives. We wait and wait until we feel secure when in reality, there is no reason to be afraid. Fear is a poison, keeping us from being the best version of ourselves. It keeps us from growing, it keeps us from saying what we feel, it keeps us in a box. So today, if you are afraid of ‘throwing the bra off’, don’t worry about who is ‘looking’. People who have time to wait for you to fail are just those who have nothing to focus on. Don’t be afraid to say how you feel, don’t wait till tomorrow to say ‘I love you’. What is ‘tomorrow’ anyways? We don’t even know but yet, we keep putting our lives in ‘tomorrow’s hands’.

In Matthews, Jesus says not to worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will take care of itself. Let’s start embracing our opportunities today. Opportunities to say how much we mean to each other, opportunities to love, to laugh, to hug, to cry, to smile, to go for what we want.

Take the top off today


A travel lover


2 thoughts on “Take the ‘top’ off today

  1. Maybe one of my favorite post right now. This year I decided to be more positive and fearless. This post arrives just in time. Really great. (:

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