Angels I call Friends

2014 has been my best year so far. Not only because of my relationship with God, unexpected accomplishments and traveling but also because of the wonderful people I met along the way. It might be cliché to make a list of the wonderful moments lived throughout the year but in my opinion, it is important to count our blessings. Taking the time to look back at the year gives us time to appreciate our blessings.

Some people come into your life and bring so much positivity in a short amount of time that they forever hold a place in your heart. It’s not about who was there first or the longest, it’s about what you learned from them. I felt like dedicating a post to the new people who brought a little sparkle to my life this year just to sat Thank you for everything they’ve done for me.


Fabine “Fab’ came into my life through my Instagram page takemeth3re. She saw some extract of my book on the page and she reached out to me, telling me that she would like to pray with me one day. The next day we Skyped for 3 hours straight. Fabine shared some thing with me that she wouldn’t have with any other person. She trusted me right from the start and she became my sister in Christ. She keeps me grounded and I know I can reach out to her for anything.

Fabine I declare abundance in your life this year. I hope you know that I love you with all of my heart. I love you so so much. May God continue to use us to help each other grow. Happy new year my love!



I met Laïla during my volunteering in India. Laila and I clicked right away. At first, I thought she would be so close minded because she was a Muslim and wore a veil. Gosh that was so ignorant of me. Laila taught me to never judge a book by its cover. she is one of the most open-minded, caring person I have met. She is sometimes arrogant, which caused us to fight once but I wouldn’t have her nay other way. We shared so many memories and I can’t tell if we will ever see each other again but I am so grateful to God to have put her on my way. Laila is so weird….she says she has a dysfunction when it comes to gravity and equilibrium, which causes her to fall… a lot (Yeah let’s not comment on that)

Laila, I love you so much! May God bless you in everything you d0! Happy New Year!!!



Josée is truly what you call a blessing wrapped in human skin. I met Josée in Montréal. I was preparing an exam and when I realized I barely had a chance of passing without help, I saw this sweet girl across the room. I am a people person so I asked her if she would practice with me before the exam. What I thought would simply be a few days of practicing turned out to be sessions of uplifting conversations, I discovered an angel in disguise. Josée is the nicest person I ever met in my entire life. She has a heart of gold and never gives to get in return. She gives her heart and time to people for free and through her I discovered true kindness. She spent precious hours proofreading my book’s manuscript. I’m not sure it is something nay other person would’ve done for me.

Josée, you will forever hold a special place in my heart. Happy New Year!


Gaelle!!! My little go getter. I met Gaelle, not throught the best circumstances (at a hospital) but after, we met up in Haiti for lunch. Gaelle has such a sweet heart and in a small amount of time, she took a big place in my life. She is someone who will always help you no matter what, she is a go getter and I see passion in her.

You deserve the very best Gaelle! Happy New Year!


When you find people who lift you up, keep them close and don’t let go.  There are too many people bringing others down these days. Surround yourself with people who will show you your wings.


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Happy 2015.


A travel lover


One thought on “Angels I call Friends

  1. Thank you for sharing your spiritual journey with me. You have been such a blessing and a true inspiration to me. May God continue to use you and your life for His Kingdom. I love you !


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