Why you should grab life by the butt


Life becomes a never-ending cycle if we let it. We want something, we waste time worrying we won’t get it, we get it, we complain because of the work we have to do to keep it, we lose focus and the cycle continues…

Now, I want you guys to take some time to think and realize that most of us do these things without even realizing it. It is in the middle of a complaint that we ask ourselves: “Wait didn’t I want this before?” or it is after a situation gets fixed that we tell ourselves: “Wait…So I just spent two days worrying for nothing?”. But on the moment, we don’t think about it, we go on, listening to our temporary emotions. Looking back, I can count many times in my life when my worries didn’t fix anything. It is when I think about those time years later that I realize that the time I spent worrying could’ve been spent laughing. This got me thinking…how many hours of our precious life do we waste for NOTHING? Now, when things go wrong I try most of the time to think about later on, when this little trouble will seem so insignificant. And trust me, most of them will be in the future. So I came up with 3 simple reasons why you should grab life by the butt.

1- Most of the things we worry about won’t happen

And if they do, worrying won’t change it. In seasons of waiting, we think that this thing we are waiting for will never happen. We focus so much of our energy in thinking about the worst case scenarios that we waste beautiful days of our lives. If the job is really for you, you will get it, don’t stress it out. If you missed your train in a foreign country, there will eventually be another one, why don’t you embrace your extra time in the city? What I am saying is that, when something happens, the consequences are usually smaller than what we imagine but if we feed these thoughts we will take it out of proportion and worry way more than we should.

2- When something is meant to be, the whole universe will work with you if you have the motivation

Stop stressing the small things. Instead, be bold in all of your endeavours. Because I consider myself as a go-getter, I’ve seen many opportunities fall into my hands because I embrace them. You don’t need to have a clear step by step guide before you jump. By the time you do, someone will already have it. Sometimes, we need to jump and build our plane on our way down. Life is not a straight line but a zig-zag and you will have detours before you reach your destination (even if I don’t believe in such thing as a destination). You need to know that each detour is a part of the way and people who will have time to call you ‘crazy’ are the ones who have the time to watch you closely because they didn’t have the guts to jump. As far as I observed, the greatest things started with a person with a vision, who decided to be crazy. Be bold, be wild and be courageous. All of the dreams you have on the inside of you are a part of your divine plan.

3- We should always bite where it’s juicy

While there will always be things to be sad about, we should decide to focus on the juicy things. We should live a life of nevertheless. My car broke down nevertheless my lover came to help me out and we ended up having a nice evening ride. I missed flight, nevertheless I met a nice stranger while waiting for the next one and I learned a lot from the conversation. In every situation, we should try to focus on the good and bite on it with all the strength that we have.

Grab your life by the butt and never let go.


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