Why I want my boyfriend to go far away without me

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Relax… I don’t want my boyfriend to leave. In fact I would love to go far away with him.

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For people who regularly read my blog, they know how much I talk about solo travels. I would repeat it in all of my posts if I could: solo travel is the best path towards self-knowledge and fulfillment. Why? Because the best journey is the one that starts from the inside of course. By getting to know yourself more, you get to help others more. You cant fill others up if your tank is empty right?

Since I started to discover the beauty of solo traveling, I see it as a necessity for young people. I am not saying that you should just take a bag and go around the world solo (even though you could). I am simply encouraging you to save a city to go alone while you are traveling through Europe for example, or jump to Thailand alone while you were volunteering in India with other people (like I did this summer). It doesn’t have to be extreme. It is always worth the try.

Now to get back to the title where I say that ‘I want my boyfriend to go far away alone’, to be honest with you, ı chose a dramatic title to catch your attention. Don’t be mad. What do I actually mean?

Yesterday, we were talking about traveling. I won’t go into details but the most important thing in this conversation was that he is going to Europe in july.When he started talking about how excited he was and how he wanted to go on an adventure, my eyes lit up. The thing about me is that I get excited for people who are about to travel (yes I am that passionate about it). And I noticed something different in him. He is the one who likes his perfect comfort, he even told me once: “I wouldn’t stay at an hostel! With people I don’t even know sleeping next to me” and I kept defending youth hostels saying that they are one of the best ways to make friends as a solo traveler. You get the picture. But yesterday, he was a whole other person, he was talking about hopping from one country to another with just a bag! They say that when you spend too much time with someone, you guys start to look alike. It has been true for many many things but yesterday I realized, he is becoming adventurous too. haha

And it hit me… Yes we want to see the world together BUT I want him to test himself just as I tested myself. I want him to get lost and miss his train. As mean as this might seem, I mean it in the most beautiful way. I want to see how he loves the world. As I said in my post Interview with Vacation Couple, we have traveled together but not what I call ‘real traveling’ yet. We are looking forward to going to places where we don’t know anybody together!

But I think that there is something special about first falling in love with the world , and then learning how to continue falling in love with it with your significant other. I truly believe that when you see someone’s way of loving the world, you get to know that person better. In my way of talking about traveling he sees my love for people and places. Yesterday, I also saw a side of him that I didn’t really know. And I got really excited.

As thrilled as I am for our plans to go to the distance, I first want him to show me how he loves the distance…if that makes any sense.

If you are already traveling the world with your loved one, that’s great! I am not saying otherwise. But as a firm believer in self-growth, I encourage you to take a trip individually one day to see how YOU, as 1 person love the world.

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