Saving 101


“It’s easy to disappear for a while” they say. “Just buy a ticket”. And the saying is right. Sometimes, everything you need is one plane ticket away.  Fresh air, adventure, friendships and so much more. But a saying also says that when you plan your trip, you should put all of your clothes on your bed and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money. So accurate!

If we follow this logic, we realize that we need less things and more memories right? And that we will need money to create theses memories. So…with that being said, how to effectively save-up for a trip?

My sister and I started saving for our trip to Brazil and it is so much fun for us to see our little efforts turn into big money! Slowly but surely, we will get there. Here are a few tips for you, if ever you are planning a trip or simply saving up for the next time the travel bug will bite.

1- Create a travel box

When you decorate your own jar/box it gives you this feeling which will stimulate you to go all the way. It will make your dream more concrete in your eyes. Don’t just put random money on the side. Have concrete plans. A little note on your travel box will always remind you of your trip coming soon.


2- Work for it

I decided to take specific amounts from the money I get from my job and from articles I write for the newspaper for my travel funds. Knowing that you are working for it creates a double effect: It motivates you to actually work (It is my motivation when I have no inspiration for an article) and it will keep you from touching the money. Knowing that you spent hours trying to get an article right to get that money will keep you from spending it on something else.


3- You don’t need alL of these clothes

Stop buying things you don’t need! Before any decision you should think about your trip coming up. We tend to think that we will wear our clothes once when we travel, when the truth is,  you will probably wear your little black t-shirt more than twice. Remember “Less things, more memories”

images (7)

4- Pair-up with someone who will motivate you

Try to pair-up with someone who will eat hot-dogs with you instead of sushis just because they value the trip as much as you do!

download (1)5- Be patient

Being patient is not the easiest thing but you will need to build it in order to reach your goals. Don’t think that putting $5 dollars in the jar this week after putting $100 last week is a set back. Some days will be better than others and it’s OK.



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