Wild and Free

My soul is loud. So loud that what I feel on the inside, shines through the outside. It’s like I was created to express something, anything.
I reflect what I feel and with a nature as contagious as mine, I can’t afford selfishness. I believe that, if I have the ability to spread light, I should make sure I spread darkness. My soul was created to love. I was made by the hands of a God who wants my love to create life in dead places. I was created to be wild and free and I believe that you were too.

photo (18)

As most people seem to think, being wild and free is not being a rebel. it is embracing who you are and let the world use your kindness to grow. Thinking about it, maybe it is an act of rebellion. Rebellion against a world who wants us to be stuck in a box, a world who encourages selfishness and the obsession with possession, when we were all created to find beauty in what is more than physical. I look around and I realize that we were created with everything we need to be happy. We think that we live in an ugly world when in reality, it is what we’ve created with our negative thoughts and actions that made the world what it is.

My soul is wild and free because I have decided not to live in a box or to follow the path of what seems ‘normal’. I believe that each and every one of us were created to be great. Greater than what you think and greater than what they think. If you would just water the seeds that you’ve been created with, I can guarantee that you will live a crazy, weird, passionate life.

I believe we were meant to step out of our comfort zones to become who we were created to be and I also know that by living the best version of your life, your light will shine through and you will inspire others to live the best of their lives.

No wonder the world is round. There is absolutely no limits in influencing. What I do today, can make a difference in the life of someone tomorrow, no matter where they are in the world. If whatever you create, you can spread, why not create good?

You don’t need to be perfect to inspire others. You just need to be you.


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